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The Lost Art’s Summer Etiquette Enrichment Camp

Summer camps are a great way to have fun, make friends, and learn new things! The Lost Art (TLA) is one such camp that offers unique and exciting activities for kids. At TLA, you’ll learn more than just table manners. You’ll get to build your self-confidence by giving a 2-minute presentation, learning how to work in a team, creating your own business, making a strong introduction, and understanding the “why” behind your actions. While also learning and applying rules of etiquette, which will help you stand out from the crowd! TLA also has fun educational games like Etiquette Jeopardy, Etiquette BINGO, and Blindfold leadership activities. These games will help you reinforce what you’ve learned and allow you to experience things you might not get to do in real life. The best part? TLA is affordable and accessible to everyone! Join us this summer and have the time of your life!

Basic Info:

Location: Hampton Inn & Suites Cincinnati-Mason, 5232 Bardes Road
Mason, OH 45040
Phone: (888) 354-4639
Website: thelostart.net
Email: [email protected]
Gender of Campers: Male & Female
Dates: June 17th to 21st
Ages: 8-13

Q&A with The Lost Art, LLC:

What makes The Lost Art’s Summer Etiquette Enrichment Camp unique?

The Lost Art, LLC’s Summer Enrichment Camp is designed to give our campers a new and exciting experience learning manners and rules of etiquette and improving their social skills while making new friends. Topics such as making an excellent introduction while using the eight ingredients of introductions will give camper confidence (even those who are shy). The ABCs of Table Manners demonstrate how to deal with real-life dining challenges. Rules of Etiquette focuses on overcoming and dealing with real-life dining challenges. At the same time, the Art of Communication takes on the rudeness in society today, engaging the idea of “Thinking before you speak.” Each lesson learned during this fantastic enrichment etiquette camp can be utilized and reinforced at home, school, and with friends, helping deal with unique social mishaps. In addition, campers will have an opportunity to build their self-esteem and self-confidence when they deliver their 1-minute presentation, engage in etiquette bingo, and work as teams in etiquette jeopardy, just a few of the many fun and engaging activities.

What activities are offered at The Lost Art’s Summer Etiquette Enrichment Camp?

1. Campers will play “BINGO Etiquette” which will help reinforce the etiquette and manners scenarios discussed during camp.

2. Campers will present a 1-minute presentation on one of three topics: (1) Who am I? (2) Who is my role model – and why? (3). My goals for the next 5 – 12 months are and why?

3. Camper will find joy and excitement playing “Etiquette Jeopardy” used for team building and reinforcing topics learned in camp.

4. Dining tutorial relating to a five-course meal and the dos and don’ts of dining etiquette.

5. Leadership activities that will help build trust.

6. Each camper will have the opportunity to make an exceptional introduction using the Eight Ingredients of an Introduction.

7. International Etiquette, here camper will have the opportunity to translating several English phrases spoken into a different language (from a country of choice), thus learning how to engage new and unique languages and greetings.

8. Each camper will take on the enormous challenge of building a kids business using a basic template over this five-day enrichment camp.

9. Learning the rules of bowling and golfing etiquette while having fun (subject to change).

10. Simon says the game (led by the campers), to reinforce etiquette and manners vocabulary.

The Lost Art’s Summer Etiquette Enrichment Camp
The Lost Art’s Summer Etiquette Enrichment Camp

What is the camper-to-counselor ratio?

12 to 3 Ratio

How much time do the campers spend outside?

25% outside (Leadership activity) (based on weather) and 75% indoors.

Does the camp provide lunch/snacks or do parents need to provide them?

Snacks will be provided during each break.
Lunch is provided for all five days of the camp (subway/pizza).

How old are the counselors and how are they trained?

The presenter/facilitator is the owner of The Lost Art, LLC will be assisted by High School Students as volunteers.


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