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Yellow Springs Community Childrens Center

Yellow Springs Community Children’s Center provides a nurturing, family oriented environment to support and enhance the unique social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth of each child.

The curriculum and teaching practices of the Yellow Springs Community Children’s Center use current theory and research concerning how children learn cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically.  YSCCC provides children with an environment that is responsive to their developmental levels and abilities, is based on their interests, and supports their individual growth.

General Info: 

Address: 320 Corry St. Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Phone: (937) 767-7236

Website: https://ysccc.org/

Q&A with Yellow Springs Community Childrens Center:

What makes Yellow Springs Community Childrens Center unique?

We believe that young children learn through play and construct from their experiences with people. Their interaction with the world around them builds authentic and inquiry-based learning. Yellow Spring Community Children’s Center uses classroom activities, routines, and individualized and child-centered experiences. They build on each day’s learning and solve real problems.

What is Yellow Springs Community Childrens Center’s age/grade range?

YSCCC serves infants, toddlers, preschool children and school age students(5-12) from 6:30 am through 6 pm Monday through Friday.

What is Yellow Springs Community Childrens Center’s educational philosophy?

Our philosophy encourages autonomy, self-imposed consequences, and engaging with the world as a place of choices and opportunities. Education at the Yellow Springs Community Children’s Center aims to support the growth of the whole child. This Integrated growth is nurtured and facilitated by the teachers by providing rich, nurturing environments. Each teacher offers open- ended materials and learning experiences, helping the child build confidence at their own rate.

What are the standard school day hours? Does your school offer flexible day/hour options? Is before/after school care available?

We are open from 6:30a-6:00p. We have before and after care program and we offer full day care for our school aged students during school closings. We offer full day summer camp from June-mid August.

How many children are in each class? How are children divided up up?

Infant 6
Toddlers 6
Preschool 10
School Age 10

What is the teacher/child ratio?

Infant 1:4
Toddler: 1:7
Preschool 1:12
School Age 1:16


What are the teacher’s credentials?

All of our Lead teachers have a CDA (Child Development Associate) certificate OR a bachelors degree. All teachers are required to complete 25 hours of child development and health and safety training bi annually.

Is parental participation required?

Parent participation is highly encouraged at our program. Parents have the opportunity to read, help with activities, attend family events, support during work sessions, attend family nights and participate on our parent committee.

How do teachers communicate with parents? How often do parents receive updates?

Yes. Teachers communicate daily with our parents!

Does your school offer support for students with special needs?

Yes. We work closely with a variety of special needs programs that offer in class support for our special needs students.

How much time do the children spend outside?

We spent two hours a day outdoors! One hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon!

Are meals and/or snacks provided?

Yes (Breakfast, Lunch and Snack)

Does my child need to be potty-trained?

No We understand that all students will potty train at different times. We will encourage but not force.

What enrichment programs/activities are offered?

We offer soccer lessons on Fridays!

What are your school’s safety policies? What extra safety measures is your school taking during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Parents drop off at the front desk. Handwashing upon arrival and departure, Temp/well checks upon arrival and mask wearing for 2 and up.

Who should parents contact for more information about your school?

Malissa Doster (Executive Director) [email protected]


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