10 Things You Should Save To Give To Your Kids Someday

Scanning the internet recently, I came across a good read, titled “10 Things You Should Save To Give To Your Kids Someday”. This had an interesting perspective that went beyond the traditional keepsakes, such as grandma’s china. And it addresses the unspoken, yet common dilemma that many of us face: we don’t have a use for something like china, yet we feel guilty about not keeping it, and so it sits in our attic or closet and we schlepp it from home to home.

Here are some ideas that are great in an era of decluttering/downsizing:

– your first passport
– military papers
– wedding photo
– jewelry
– a receipt with a date on it
– pet tags
– your favorite music

You can find the full story here:


(content courtesy Huff Post Better Together, author Ann Brenoff)

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