About Us

Midwest Parenting Publications has been publishing Cincinnati Parent for over 35 years and Dayton Parent for over 7 years. Beginning in January 2021, the two will merge to become SW Ohio Parent, giving our advertisers a broader reach into the Southwest Ohio market. We have been dedicated to promoting healthy families and positive parenting since 1986.

SW Ohio Parent serves as Cincinnati, Dayton, and the surrounding communities’ number one parenting resource magazine and web site. Every day, we strive to make sure we give our readers exactly what they are looking for. Because we are available at nearly 500 locations and have a nearly 98% pick-up rate, we are everywhere our readers want us to be and we add new distribution points on a monthly basis to ensure that we areā€”plus we’re absolutely free of charge. This allows us to keep our rates low and pass those savings on to our dedicated advertisers. If you want to be added to our distribution list to receive FREE bulk delivery or subscribe to the magazine, please head to our Subscription page.

Each month we reach over 130,000 readers with our publication that features timely articles on a variety of parenting topics, as well as an award-winning calendar of family events that rivals any other. You can pick up a copy at most all public libraries, public and private schools, doctor’s offices, YMCA’s, bookstores, major museums and hospitals, childcare facilities, enrichment businesses (such as dance, tutor, music, etc), and most everywhere parents frequent on a regular basis. For a more detailed list, you can find head to our Find Us page.

We are 100% dedicated to providing parents with the most trusted resources to find local events for every day of the week, community service organizations, and businesses that cater to the family market.

We’re always easy to reach and we’re always open to hearing from our readers.