5 (more) Under-the-Radar Indoor Playgrounds in Cincinnati

Last year, we shared 5 under-the-radar indoor playgrounds in Cincinnati. In the last 12 months, Cincinnati has welcomed several new kids to the indoor playground block! As we settle in for winter in Cincinnati, keep this list of indoor playgrounds up your sleeve.

Here are 5 (more) Under-the-Radar Indoor Playgrounds in Cincinnati you need to check out:

The Dungeon at King Arthur’s Court (pictured)

The Dungeon at King Arthur’s Court is a fun and free indoor play area that truly transforms this store into a land of imagination. The Dungeon at King Arthur’s Court is comprised of three areas. There’s a small jungle gym, hanging swings, books, toys and comfy couches in the front space. It’s the perfect place to spend a cold winter’s day.

LilyPad Play

There are lots of great indoor playgrounds in Cincinnati, but only a few are geared towards little kids.  LilyPad Play fits this niche: it’s aimed toward kids 6 and under, and the space is truly great for that diverse age range. Toddlers will enjoy the soft gym areas, bug scooters, train table and grocery store area, while preschoolers will love the indoor climbing wall and play set.

Graeter’s Lil’ Pints Playroom

Graeter's Lil' Pints Playroom
Photo credit: Graeter’s

This indoor playground at Graeter’s Cherry Grove store is only the second of its kind, with the other located in Columbus. The indoor playground features multiple ice-cream-themed slides, a banana-split-inspired teeter-totter, plenty of room to play and a fun, ice-cream-truck photo opp.

Dig ‘N Play

Dig 'N Play

Located in West Chester, Dig ‘N Play is not your average indoor playground. From its three-story play structure and inflatables to the kid-propelled trains and large dramatic play area, everything about Dig ‘N Play is extra. True to its name, Dig ‘N Play also features a massive, custom-built, sand table. Dig ‘N Play’s sand table is reminiscent of the water play area at the Duke Energy Children’s Museum: there are lots of places for kids to stand and play, step stools for to provide little kids an extra boost, and plenty of toys to go around. Having a dedicated space for kids to dig — and not make a mess at home — is amazing!

Totter’s Otterville

If you haven’t visited this play destination located in Covington, then you need to seek it out on a cold winter day. It is somewhat hidden behind the old Johnny’s Toys, but once you’ve found it, you’ll be so glad you did. Totter’s Otterville is set up in sections, each one having a theme to encourage creativity and cooperative play. It’s geared toward children through age ten and has a little something for everyone. 

For a complete list of indoor playgrounds in Cincinnati, be sure to check out our guide here

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