As parents, we’re all a bit like Harold and the Purple Crayon

When I started my blog five years ago, I set out to make this city more accessible for Cincinnati parents. Over the years, I’ve discovered hidden gems, new spots and explored Cincinnati from the inside out. My kids have grown older and I’ve grown wiser, and during this time Cincinnati has become more and more family friendly (and, arguably, ‘cool’). Cincinnati is a place that’s built on tradition, yet ever-changing and moving forward. We’re a humble little city, with world-class arts and cultural institutions. We’ve a thriving urban core and also some of the most beautiful parks. Cincinnati is, in my opinion, kind of the best.

Over the last few weeks, as a new reality has set in and new restrictions put into place, I have battled several conflicting feelings, often simultaneously. How do I explain why it’s happening to my kids? How do I fill our days when we’re faced with so many restrictions? How do I keep up with this blog, when the only place we’re ‘going’ is the backyard? And more personally, how do I not lose myself in all of this?

Five years ago, I was a Cincinnati parent who wanted to explore Cincinnati; but, to use a metaphor from Harold and the Purple Crayon, there was no moon and nowhere to walk. So I drew a moon and a path, and set out to create my own adventure. For the last five years, this blog has been my purple crayon, and Cincinnati my canvas. That has not changed. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing where we’re going (or not going), in an effort to provide ideas and inspiration. Now more than ever, it’s important to stay connected and recognize we’re all going through this inexplicable and unprecedented experience together.

I think, as parents, we are all a bit like Harold and the Purple Crayon — we create a world for our kids, using the resources we have. We solve problems through perseverance and creative thinking. As we navigate the current situation, we all need to keep our wits about us — and our purple crayons.

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