Cars 3 Road to the Races!

Cars 3 opens June 16th — but your little car lovers can get a sneak peek this Monday! Cars 3 Road to the Races, a nationwide tour inviting fans of #95 to gear up for the movie’s big-screen release, happens Monday, May 22nd from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at Scene75 Entertainment Center in Milford.

Fans will take part in a host of activities and get a sneak peek of the movie at this turbo-charged event, which features life-size, character look-alikes of five-time Piston-Cup champion Lightning McQueen, tech-savvy Cruz Ramirez and the sleek next-gen racer Jackson Storm.

Here’s what fans can expect:
Alamo Rent A CarSM Activities

Alamo Rent A Car is hosting a street art booth and will bring “Cars 3” to life with a giant coloring mural featuring Lightning McQueen and friends, along with a color pencil pack souvenir.  Owned and operated by Enterprise Holdings, Alamo Rent A Car offers low rental rates and a hassle-free customer experience at the most popular travel destinations around the world.

Coppertone® Interactive Pit

Coppertone® creating a racer pit crew that encourages visitors to take part in a tire-changing activity and photo-sharing opportunity. A leader in the sun care industry, Coppertone is made by Bayer HealthCare, LLC.

Crest® and Oral-B® Booths

Crest® and Oral-B® celebrate the Road to the Races tour, providing fans with an opportunity to create a digital postcard with Lightning McQueen and get “Cars”-themed oral care products. Crest and Oral-B are the first step to enjoying a lifetime of healthy smiles.

High Octane, Healthy Recipes from Dole®

Dole® the leader in fresh, quality produce, invites visitors to fuel up and recharge their batteries, sample high-octane fruit and vegetable smoothies, collect “Cars 3”-inspired recipes and discover how Dole and Disney are working together to make healthy living fun and easy for families. To see more of Dole’s exciting promotions around summer family fun, visit

Mattel Play Area

Mattel presents an interactive play area, which sends Lightning McQueen and other racers down the gravity drop and launches them into action in new play sets that feature locations from the movie. Also on display will be a collection of die cast racers from past and present. Mattel is the leading global childhood development and play company.

Fans will be able to catch a sneak peek of the movie in the Cinetransformer Mobile Movie Theater. In addition, the sports national youth program NASCAR Acceleration Nation will display the science behind NASCAR racing, and elements from the NASCAR Hall of Fame will allow attendees to get up close and personal with the history of NASCAR!

The best part? The Cars 3 Road to the Races event is completely free! For more information, visit the Facebook page here.

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