Hidden Gems: Coolest Toys on Earth

Every now and then, you may stumble upon a place whose name says it all, and we did just that at Coolest Toys on Earth.

This toy store is packed with toys and kits you won’t find at your typical department store. Forget the plastic wheels and princesses for your next party gift, and find something super unique and cool at the Coolest Toys on Earth.

Located in Mariemont and Milford, the quirky team behind Coolest Toys on Earth pride themselves on offering engineering kits, board games, educational wooden toys, bug viewers, flower press, gears, kites, air tents and just about every hobby you could think of. Whether you’re looking for a silly gag gift made of pretend poo or a STEM arithmetic kit, your options are endless.

Owner and dad of four, Elliot Warner has always held a special place in his heart for toys and toy demonstrations. Bring the kiddos in for a sneak peek at what could be their next birthday gift while Warner delights in demos and displays. With all ages and budgets in mind, Warner fills the space from top to bottom, side to side, and even strung from the ceiling with eccentric, cool toys.

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With an impressively large selection of high quality wooden toys for babies and toddlers, Coolest Toys on Earth will get your STEM babies moving. Wooden ball ramps, Fruit Friends, numbered stack and play cars, stacking robots and shape sorters make a perfect companion for Montessori playrooms. For those seeking a bit of simplicity and nostalgia, you’ll love the fun jack-in-the-box sets and pull-behind cars.

Junior snap circuits, plasma balls, sky lanterns, Brain Elixir riddles and Monster Mash games fill the bestseller list while Coolest Toys on Earth boasts another fun category: world-class, rare toys. For those with a higher budget who are looking for toys that are built with detail and craftsmanship, rare toys include Torus kits, sand pendulum, Stirling engine, Ferrofluid display, Cubicus and Mova Globe moon, complete with images from NASA’s satellites.

Around every corner of the multi-tiered displays you’ll find something new with each visit. Wobble Runs, Pin Art, RC Boats and Bashminton fill every nook and cranny; just when you think you’ve seen it all, you haven’t! A perfect place for your kiddo to spend chore money on high quality, out of the ordinary games, puzzles, playable art and toys.

Regardless if you’re looking for a high-end graduation gift in an engineering or math field or picking up a new set of Stomp Rockets that somehow end up in the neighbor’s yard, Coolest Toys on Earth will wow your socks off!

314 Main St, Milford and 6840 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati | coolesttoysonearth.com

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