Dayton Live presents The Adventures Of Harold and the Purple Crayon Traditional & Sensory-Friendly Performances at The Victoria Theatre March 11

Part of the Dayton Children's Family Series

One evening, after thinking it over for some time, Harold decided to go for a walk in the moonlight… So begins Harold and the Purple Crayon, the first of seven delightful picture books by Crockett Johnson, following the zany adventures of an inventive young boy.

As it turned out, there wasn’t any moon that night nor was there a path to walk on, so Harold simply drew them. And thus his journey began. Resourceful and brave, Harold creates the world he wants to explore, using nothing more than a big purple crayon and his sky’s-the-limit imagination.

Go on a wild ride as Harold jets to Mars (shooting stars, spaceships!), joins a circus (he tames a lion!), and rescues a princess in an enchanted castle. The Harold books have captivated families for more than 60 years, celebrating the imagination of children and the unique way they see the world.

The show combines life-size puppets, pantomime, dance, magic, and original music. This production will delight and amaze you, from children starting at Harold’s age, all the way up to grandparents – anyone, in fact, whose heart is young and adventurous.

March 11 at the Victoria Theatre

The sensory-friendly production is great for all families, especially for people with autism, sensory sensitivities, or other social, learning or cognitive disabilities. You can expect a reduction of loud or jarring sounds, the absence of flashing or strobe lighting on stage, modification of house lights during the performance, and a judgment-free environment where all patrons are free to vocalize or move around the theatre.

At no time will anyone be asked to leave the performance due to vocal reactions, movement, or behaviors related to cognitive/developmental abilities. Patrons will have access to professionally curated resource materials to use in preparation for your visit like Social Stories, Character Sheets, Schedules, and “Meet Your Seat” videos.

Dayton Live also has designated quiet areas in our venues for patrons to use during the performance. Our trained staff and volunteers, as well as our partners at Dayton Children’s, are excited for you and your family to join us at the theatre.

The Adventures Of Harold And The Purple Crayon is best for ages 4 and up!

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Victoria Theatre is located at 138 N. Main Street Dayton, Ohio 45402.

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