Flexible Full Time Care at Skidaddles

Skidaddles Drop-in Anytime Childcare is changing the face of childcare!

Skidaddles realizes that parents need child care that fits into their busy schedules. Therefore, we have created flexible full time child care positions. Skidaddles offers the quality and flexibility you have been looking for in full time child care! We created these unique and limited positions to meet the needs of everyone all of the time.


Our state of the art centers are designed to allow children daily exposure to different learning areas and has an atmosphere that encourages your children to learn through play and exploration. Our centers are staffed with highly qualified, degreed, loving and affectionate teachers. Our schedule and curriculum focuses on lots of hands on and sensorial activities to challenge children of all ages.

Choose from 3 or 4 days, or full time. Our full time program includes 55 hours of care that can be divided any hours Skidaddles is open, 6 days a week.

  • 1 free date night per month
  • Snacks and one meal per day are included free charge
  • One free week for vacation per year
  • $10 Sibling Discount
  • Specially designed programs for every level including toddlers, preschoolers, and school agers.
  • Enrichment Programs: Sign Lanquage, Foreign Language, Magical Music, Cooking and so much more. There is no additional charge for our enrichment activities.
  • Give us a call to learn more!!
 For more information, visit Skidaddles.com.

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