Earning Income as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Being a stay-at-home mom is sometimes a thankless job that requires endless hours, patience beyond measure and a willing acceptance for the unexpected. Although it’s a job that is invaluable to its constituents, payment is often given in the form of hugs, kisses and a supportive comment or sideline cheer.

While many stay-at-home moms enjoy their position of choice, some hope to connect their home life with that of a paycheck. Luckily, Cincinnati has many opportunities for moms looking to earn some extra income.

Creative options

If you’re the creative type, you have several avenues to consider. From blog writing to graphic design, an increasing number of moms are using these talents to earn a paycheck from home.

The ground is especially fertile for crafty moms who would like to use their skills to start a handmade business. If it’s adorable outfits you sew or wooden toys made by hand, there is a market here in Cincinnati that is ready to showcase your products. The City Flea is one arena where local moms can apply to sell their goods in an urban, market setting. Located in Washington Square, the City Flea looks for vendors who sell unique products. Visit www.thecityflea.com to learn more.

If you’d rather sell your items from home, try Etsy – an online marketplace that allows you to set up your own virtual shop. Check out www.etsy.com for details.

Business and sales options 

Are you interested in selling a specific product? Being an independent consultant is an easy way to unite your skills in sales with your enthusiasm for a company or organization. The Pampered Chef, Stella and Dot and Viridian, a socially responsible energy sponsor, are just some of the many successful companies that hire independent consultants.

Remote work is ideal for many stay-at-homers, especially when technology makes it so easy to connect with customers or clients. If you’re investigating online businesses, make sure to do your homework and verify that the company you’re interested in is legitimate.

Educational options

If you’re a former educator or considered an expert on a specific topic, consider sharing your skills or knowledge for potential income.

Tutoring students in subjects like math or foreign languages may be options, or giving private music lessons to area children.

Why not offer your expertise at your child’s school? If you’ve done public relations or marketing in the past, you may be able to use these talents in some capacity within your school system.

Health and wellness options

Are you trained in Pilates or yoga? Possibly a running guru? Hosting paid exercise classes for other moms in places like Ault Park could be beneficial for both you and your peers.

The Blue Cocoon, a hip breastfeeding and baby boutique located in Montgomery, also provides stay-at-home moms with the ability to create and launch their own exercise or wellness classes. Moms are paid to teach other moms various physical or educational lessons right at the store’s location. Some of the classes taught include: Yogababy, Mommy and me Pilates, and Babywearing Ballet. If interested, contact Ashley Brown-Combs at (513) 791-1089.

Also, consider volunteer positions for organizations you’re passionate about. These experiences and connections can often lead to potential paid positions you can do part-time while st

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