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At Bishop Leibold School, our goal has always been to meet students where they are and help them reach the academic success that is specific to their individual needs. In 2019, we adopted an approach that helps us more accurately identify the needs and strengths of our students in order to better serve them. Utilizing Multi-Tiered Student Support (MTSS), our team of intervention specialists, teachers, counselors, aides, and parents are able to come together and work as a unified team to meet students’ needs. Through differentiated classroom instruction and small group instructional support, individual strengths are fostered and praised while additional needs are addressed.

“MTSS is vital for us to be consistent as an entire staff,” says Dr. Theodore Wallace, principal of Bishop Leibold “in doing so, we are able to work with our students that need the most help, and our highest achievers so that they are being appropriately challenged in the classroom.”

MTSS is just one component of the strides that Bishop Leibold is taking to best meet our student’s needs. Bishop Leibold is also an official provider of the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship (JPSN), a K-12 program that provides scholarships to students who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) from their local district but prefer to attend a participating private school.

Bishop Leibold is proud of our unique collaboration with specialized community partners. One such partnership is with The Reading Lab, a program that provides dyslexia testing, training & tutoring services to “bright but struggling” readers during the school day. “Our partnership with Bishop Leibold is quite unique since we have the opportunity to serve students during the school day. Families really appreciate this in addition to the impact it is having on helping unlock the full potential of their children.” says Donna Donahue, director of The Reading Lab. “It is also a wonderful opportunity for our tutors, parents, and teachers at Bishop Leibold to work together for these students.”

Bishop Leibold also has established a partnership with the University of Dayton’s Empowering Children with Hope and Opportunity (ECHO). In addition to student, staff and parent information sessions, beginning in our 2021-22 school year, an ECHO counselor will be on site at Bishop Leibold part time helping the families and staff to more effectively address the mental health needs of our students.

It is enhancements to our programming through initiatives like those listed above, constant communication and collaboration among our staff, and commitment from our school families that make Bishop Leibold School a wonderful place for every student.

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