Escape Room Junior

We’ve all heard of Escape Rooms for adults – and now your kids can participate in the team-building, puzzle-cracking, against-the-clock fun at the NEW Escape Room Junior. 

Located in Sharonville, my daughter brought teammates and school friends to Escape Room Junior for an evening away from tv and electronics. These adventure rooms are designed to challenge kids and adults; and the doors are NEVER locked. Each escape room accommodates 15 kids ages 8-17, and the goal is to complete both rooms, tally up the scores and hopefully win gold! (Yes, there are medals to be won: bronze, silver and gold.)

Our group of explorers took on the swashbuckling pirate adventure, which consists of two rooms: Pirate Island and Pirate Ship. Pirate Island began with 30 minutes on the clock, and the girls worked together to solve puzzles that uncovered the keys to unlock the hidden treasures. The treasure (gold balls) are then thrown into a basket that tallies the scores. Another adult friend and I were in the room to help, but the girls did not need us; they had these mysteries handled!

Once the buzzer sounded, the girls took a snack break before entering the second escape room, Pirate Ship. Again, they had 30 minutes to complete the next adventure of solving the ship’s mysteries and continue to increase their score. After working together and solving more puzzles, the girls ended the evening by scoring Bronze – which included a medal ceremony! But these girls are determined to win Gold, so another trip to Escape Room Junior will be happening very soon.

Wondering about parental supervision? Most parents stayed throughout the adventure — adults can participate or watch their children on monitors from the lobby. Note: If your team has any kids under the age of 13, at least one adult must participate.

In addition to Pirates, Escape Room Junior will soon be offering a Castle Adventure. This medieval adventure consists of two rooms: Attack Their Castle and Defend Your Castle. Players will spend half an hour in each first room exploring the puzzles and working together to gain the highest score. If you’ve ever wanted to have a medieval adventure, here’s your chance.

Escape Room Junior is a fun group activity (or Kids Night Out!) for those often-hard-to-please tweens and teens — you could even rent a private room for up to 15 teammates for your kid’s next birthday!

For more information, contact Escape Room Junior.

About Ainslie:

Ainslie Gordon is a St. Louis, Missouri native and graduate of the University of Missouri’s Journalism School. Her career has focused on advertising, public relations and event planning. In 2011, Ainslie and her family moved to Cincinnati; and she became a stay-at-mom and founder of the blog, Modhousewife.

Additionally, she was a fashion/trends contributor on Fox 19 and Fox 2. Currently, Ainslie is the Marketing Director for Game On! Fitness. She is also a Girl Scout leader and enjoys volunteering throughout the community.

She lives with her husband and daughter in West Chester and loves all things Disney. You can find Ainslie on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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