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Guardian Angels School

Guardian Angels School provides a Catholic education to students in preschool through 8th grade. Students work each day to earn their H.A.L.O., which means Honest, Accountable, and a Leader to Others. Skills related to these character traits are directly taught by staff and modeled by all. The result is a strong community of well-rounded, faith-filled persons.

General Info:

Address: 6539 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45230

Phone: (513) 624-3141


Q&A with Guardian Angels School:

What makes Guardian Angels unique?

Guardian Angels is family! Our community recognizes that each individual is created out of God’s love and offer a number of treasures and talents. By being Honest, Accountable and a Leader to Others, each student works to earn their H.A.L.O. As a school, we focus on the spiritual, academic, and physical development of each student. In doing so, we aim to prepare our students for both this life and the next through faith-filled service and leadership experiences.

What is Guardian Angels ‘s age/grade range?

Guardian Angels School serves students as young as 3 years old and continues through 8th grade.

What is your enrollment policy? Are there any key dates parents should be aware of?

We welcome all interested families to apply! Registration for the 2021-2022 school year for new families begins January 25. Personal tours with school administration can be scheduled by contacting the school office. Our current enrollment is 426 (Preschool- 8th). Tuition for 2021-2022 is $4860 for P-8.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Financial assistance is available for members of the Guardian Angels Parish who demonstrate a financial need. Also, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati offers assistance through the Catholic Education Foundation.

What are the standard school day hours?

The school day officially begins at 8:00 but students may begin arriving at 7:30. The school day concludes at 2:40.

Does Guardian Angels offer before/after school care? Does Guardian Angels offer afterschool activities?

After care is available for all students- preschool through 8th grade until 6:00 pm every day.

Does Guardian Angels have a homework policy?

Teachers assign a developmentally appropriate amount of homework based on grade level. Homework is designed to reinforce concepts taught in class to help students achieve mastery.

Does Guardian Angels offer support for students with special needs?

We have a very high level of support available to meet the needs of all learners, regardless of need. We are able to properly assist students who need intervention, and also significantly challenge students who have demonstrated proper ability. Much of this is achieved during our Halo Bell program which builds time into each student’s weekly schedule to allow them to have their needs met. A school psychologist, 3 intervention specialists, speech/language therapist, and gifted/enrichment director along with a dedicated staff trained in differentiated education all combine to help every student achieve.


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What specialty classes / extracurricular activities does Guardian Angels offer (gym, art, language, sports etc.)?

Beginning in kindergarten, all students attend Physical Education, Music/Band/Chorus, Spanish, Halo Bell (gifted & enrichment program), and Art. In addition to this, many extracurricular activities are available including sports, robotics & engineering club, art enrichment, chess club, and much more! Our PTA actively seeks opportunities based on student interest to enhance our GA experience.

What are Guardian Angels ’s safety policies?

Many policies and procedures have been implemented to keep our students safe- the top priority at Guardian Angels. All entrances into the school are locked throughout the day. Every person wanting access to the building must go through the main school entrance- being granted permission through two locked access points. Cameras are installed at each entrance which are monitored by the school principal and administrative assistant. All school personnel have gone through ALICE training, and many emergency situations are practiced on an annual basis. Safety will always be our top priority.


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