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Best Fitness Classes for Kids in Cincinnati

Best Exercise Classes for Kids in Cincinnati

Winter's here, your kids are probably going stir crazy. Luckily, Cincinnati has a variety of classes designed to get your kids moving (and grooving)! Today we've rounded up the Best Exercise Classes for Kids in Cincinnati: Bear...

Out with the Old, In with the New

A new year is a blank slate. The perfect chance to make a change. Maybe you want to stop scrolling through your phone before you go to bed every night. Or perhaps you’d like...

Toy-Buying Tips to Keep your Little Ones Safe

’Tis the season for giving, and both online and traditional merchants are eagerly promoting gadgets and toys for the children in your life. But before you add them to your cart, follow these toy-buying...

Gratitude: More Than Just “Please” and “Thank You”

The holidays are approaching and are a time for everyone—including children—to count their blessings. The excitement of travel, visiting relatives, and—of course—gifts present opportunities for us all to demonstrate our gratitude, but that same excitement...
Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Many factors can influence your breast cancer risk. And although you can’t change genetics, you can help lower your risk of breast cancer by taking care of your health. Here’s what you need to...

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