Hidden Gems: King Arthur’s Court Celebration Castle

Ohioans already love King Arthur’s Court for the extensive collection of fun toys and play dungeon. But did you know: There’s also a two-story castle to explore with gifts at the end?

Shop ahead of time in person or over the phone — either way, the associates at King Arthur’s will wrap up your purchased items and secretly stow them away at the top of the castle. Your little one will receive a magic key to the castle, where they’ll loop up the stairs for a fun surprise.


Options to purchase same-day are available, but plan an extra few minutes for the associates to set up for your kiddo’s big King Arthur celebration. Along with your pre-purchased item, King Arthur himself throws in an Artie stuffed animal and a t-shirt.

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The play dungeon below the castle is a blast for parents and kids. Accompany your kiddo as they ride the indoor zip line, relax in a hanging tree tent, climb over jungle gyms or battle it out in a fun archery competition.

Our first visit was delightful. Our little one had no idea what to expect, and was totally blown away. She still can’t believe that the exact toy she wanted was at the top of the castle! These are the little joys as parents that we sometimes take for granted: the magical experience of a mysterious birthday castle.


The Castle experience is free and easy to schedule. Pre-arrange your time to come in, and King Arthur takes care of the rest. Sign up for the King’s Kids Club for a yearly coupon of 20% off one toy and end of year credit based on spending.

3040 Madison Rd., Cincinnati | kingarthurstoys.com

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