Hidden Gems: Rosenthal Art Center

Drop in art for families of all ages

“Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves and to explore what is possible.” MaryAnn F. Kohl 

Our daughter absolutely loves art. If she is not running around the house with a piece of paper in one hand and a tray of art supplies in the other, we are admittedly a bit concerned. Ever since she could hold a marker in her hand, she has been making cards and notes for her teachers, family, pen pals, mail men and even strangers. Yet, I’ve never considered the trust she is cultivating within herself, for herself, as she creates.


The Rosenthal Education Center in the Cincinnati Art Museum fosters a community where children can tap into that inner trust while exploring new mediums and using their robust imaginations. With family and art at the very focus of the REC, interactive spaces, take-home art bags and project prompts fill the spacious center within the museum’s Great Hall. 

Open during normal museum hours, the Rosenthal Education Center encourages families to drop in anytime and stay as long as your creative heart desires. It is a nice break for children to visit during the middle of a full art museum tour, as the REC provides a stimulating space to simply be a kid. Inspired by sculptural and painted portraits, children can try on costumes, choose items from bins to recreate famous still life pictures and create items from an art bar that is inspired by artwork around the museum. 


With themes rotating twice a year, Cincinnati Artists in Residence provide interactive exhibits for families to immerse themselves in different styles of art. Currently, residents Jim Tucker and Michael Thompson, with a passion for education, have created a space for children to reimagine and reinterpret artwork by Cincinnati artists like Nam June Paik’s robots, Robert Duncanson’s still life and Rookwood’s famous vases. Through October 30th, 2022, children can experience art through the multi-media artist’s eyes. Build a life-sized robot, swap magnetic faces and use elements to recreate famous art at the REC. 

Generously donated to Cincinnati by the Rosenthals, the art museum and Rosenthal Education Center is free for all to enjoy. All activities inside the REC including take-home art bags, in studio projects and process art are free of charge and make a beautiful addition to your art room at home. 


Spend an afternoon with the Cincinnati Art Museum  in Eden Park with the newly designed Art Climb Steps. A must-do for families as little ones love to race around the many sculptures at CAM before a trip inside to learn and create with the Rosenthal Education Center.

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