Make Breakfast Fun with Peace, Love and Little Donuts!

Little Foodies: Let's Make Breakfast Fun!

We are officially back in school and Mama needs a quick breakfast to get us all going. At our house, we head over to Hyde Park to get our hands on delicious mini cake donuts at Peace, Love and Little Donuts. The perfect size for little hands, the tiny breakfast treats are made to order with all the toppings kids love.

Make Breakfast Fun

With endless options, even picky eaters can find something they love at Peace, Love and Little Donuts. Flavors include Oreo, Banana Split, Apple Pie, Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Fruity Pebbles, PB&J and many, many more. While fresh cake doughnuts are quickly fried, customers are encouraged to try a Funkadelic doughnut (with or without nuts) or keep it simple with basic options like plain, powdered sugar, maple sugar, cinnamon sugar or honey glazed.

Funkadelic Donuts

Funkadelic donuts are, well… funky in all the best ways. Piled high with untraditional toppings to create a funkadelic flavored masterpiece. Magically Delicious starts off with berry flavored icing, stacked high with Lucky Charm marshmallows and finished off with a drizzle of icing glaze. Strawberry French Toast will have you dreaming of brunch with maple icing, cinnamon sugar, a dollop of strawberry filling and a pinch of powdered sugar.

For candy bar lovers, Peace, Love and Little Donuts have mastered the Funkadelic with nuts options. Each one named after a popular candy bar, options include Heath Wind and Fire, Almond Brothers, Buttafinga, Peanut Nutter and Snick Jagger. Snick Jagger is exactly what you’d expect, chocolate icing, a cream cheese rosette, crumbled snickers and caramel drizzle. Yum!

Gluten Free Donuts

On Mondays, pre-order or while supplies last, Peace, Love and Little Donuts offers a “gluten-friendly” donut. Although not dedicated gluten free for celiac, the gluten-friendly doughnuts are great for those with a slight intolerance or diet restriction. The best part? Your kids will barely notice a difference at all with their deliciously moist and flavorful gluten-friendly donuts.

Hyde Park is home to the only location in Southwest Ohio while Peace, Love and Little Donuts franchises pop up around the country. What started in Pittsburgh quickly became a nationwide craving for warm little donuts with all the groovy fixins. By focusing on flavors that compliment each other without overwhelming other flavors, the tiny creations make it a fun, delicious donut experience that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

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