Little Foodies: Paradise Ice

In the heat of summer, there’s really only one thing on my mind: trying all of the icy, sweet treats Southwest Ohio has to offer. Our family anticipates the opening of one shop in particular, shaved ice from Paradise Ice in Milford. With dozens of tropical flavors, multiple sizes and the option to add a “snow cap,” the sherbet orange roadside shop should land on your summer bucket list.  

If you’ve been searching for an authentic Hawaiian treat, complete with layers of vanilla ice cream, perfectly shaved ice and sweetened condensed milk “snow cap,” look no further! Our family never knew there was a difference between traditional shaved ice and authentic Hawaiian ice so we were absolutely delighted when Paradise Ice hit our radar.  

With sizes ranging from Keiki (Hawaiian for child) up to the Big Kahuna, Paradise Ice is a treat for the entire family. Start with your size and select up to three flavors or try a delicious tropical combo created by the Hawaiian ice masterminds themselves. Finish up with your choice of the Hawaiian Way (ice cream and snow cap) or simply stick with shaved ice only. Regardless, your taste buds will thank you.  

A huge highlight that sets Paradise Ice apart from the rest are the many delicious, diverse flavor options and combos. Papaya, Lychee, Melona, Passionfruit, Guava, White Chocolate Macadamia, Coconut and Li Hing Mui (sweet plum) boast Hawaiian flavors. Mainland flavors include your traditional watermelon, cherry, root beer, bubblegum, coffee, lime, grape, margarita, caramel and thirty more options! 


Sugar free flavors and add-ons like sour plum powder, mochi bits, Azuki sweet beans, gummy bears, sharks or worms and chocolate or caramel sauce are available for an extra fifty cents. Try a popular combo like the Kona: mango, pineapple and li hing mui or the Waikiki: watermelon and pink lemonade. Paradise Ice also offers fall flavors during September like pumpkin pie, butterbeer, salted caramel, turtle pecan and bananas foster. 

Take your ice to-go or bring the whole family for a treat under the tall, orange umbrellas. With soft Hawaiian music in the background and almost always a slight breeze, you just might be able to close your eyes and picture your favorite island on the horizon. With ample tables, chairs and parking, Paradise Ice is a sweet spot after your summertime soccer game or on the way to Stonelick Lake for a swim at the beach.  

Hours: Open every day except Wednesday and in inclement weather. 1:30p-9p daily.

Paradise Ice is located at 1313 OH-131, Day Heights, OH 45150, visit their Facebook page for more information.

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