Questions to Ask at an Open House 

An open house is a great way to find out if a school is right for your child. There’s nothing like touring the classrooms, meeting the teachers and staff, and getting a first-hand look at the surroundings.  

To make the most of an open house, it’s important to come prepared with questions. An internet search or a visit to the school’s website will probably answer your most basic questions. But to really get a feel for the school, you’ll want to ask questions that get down to the nitty gritty of school life.   

Here are some questions to ask at your next open house. Of course, you don’t have to ask each one — just pick the ones that are important to you. This is your chance to find out about your child’s potential school, so make that time count! 

  • What is the average number of students in each classroom?
  • What academic standards do you use? 
  • What is a typical day or week like in your class? 
  • What is the typical homework workload for students?  
  • How often do the kids have recess or go outside? 
  • What kind of technology and software do the students use, and how often? How is technology integrated into the lesson plan? 
  • What kind of ongoing training do teachers receive, and how often? 
  • What kinds of extracurricular activities, clubs and sports teams are available for students? 
  • What kind of support is offered for students who are struggling academically or otherwise? 
  • What are the ways for parents to get involved in the school? 
  • Can I see samples of students’ work? 
  • What kind of school safety protocols are in place? 
  • What is something important that I should know about your school? 

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