Saint Ursula Academy

Saint Ursula Academy is a dynamic Catholic educational community rooted in the Ursuline core values. Saint Ursula promotes academic excellence, honors the uniqueness of each person, and transforms young women into thinkers, leaders, nurturers, and prophets committed to building a better world.


General Info:

Address: 1339 East McMillan Street, Cincinnati, OH 45206
Phone: (513) 961-3410

Q&A with Saint Ursula Academy:

What makes Saint Ursula Academy unique?

Saint Ursula Academy is a vibrant educational community for girls in grades 9-12.  For more than 110 years, students have traveled from every corner of the tri-state to seek out a Saint Ursula education, knowing the experience is so much more than academics. A girl who chooses Saint Ursula is joining a welcoming and supportive community where she can learn and grow academically, socially, and spiritually.

She is choosing a whole-person education approach. Saint Ursula not only cares how a student progresses in the classroom, but who she becomes as a person. Each student learns to be a difference-maker who is ready to go out and make a positive impact in the world.

She is choosing an authentic sisterhood filled with caring and experienced educators dedicated to helping her succeed. SUA is known for the highest standards of academics and is experienced in educating each girl in the ways she learns best.

She is choosing a family where she will make friends and grow in confidence. She will try new things. In the all-girls environment, every opportunity to lead is filled by a girl. She will become comfortable in the role of leadership, and confident she belongs there.

“There are so many proven reasons why an all-girls education benefits our students, and we offer instruction and programming to capitalize on their unique learning styles,” said Kathy Restle, Saint Ursula Academy Principal. “We believe this gives our students confidence and an edge.”

The ultimate goal is to educate young women of faith, integrity, and courage who are skilled and creative thinkers, confident leaders, nurturers of themselves and others, and prophets who inspire others to make a difference. This is how Saint Ursula fulfills its mission and why Saint Ursula graduates across the area, nation, and world are finding success and shining bright.

What is Saint Ursula Academy’s age/grade range?

Saint Ursula Academy educates girls in grades 9-12

What is your enrollment policy? Are there any key dates parents should be aware of?

The admissions committee examines completed applications, test scores, and academic records. The committee seeks applicants that show readiness for the rigorous college preparatory atmosphere at Saint Ursula Academy.

For regular admission into the Class of 2028, the admissions committee will examine:

  • -Completed applications (including a response to an essay prompt)
  • -Report cards from the 7th and 8th grade
  • -Most recent standardized test scores/proficiency test scores
  • -Attendance records (if not included on report cards)
  • -Discipline records (if applicable)
  • -In previous years, Saint Ursula also requires an applicant to complete the High School Placement Test (HSPT)

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes. Financial assistance is available to families who qualify. Saint Ursula also accepts EDChoice for qualifying families. Saint Ursula also accepts the Jon Peterson scholarship for students in the Educational Services Program for identified learning disabilities.

What are the standard school day hours?

8:00am – 3:00pm

Does Saint Ursula Academy offer before/after school care? Does Saint Ursula Academy offer afterschool activities?

Saint Ursula Academy offers co-curricular activities during and after school. Some after school activities include community service, athletics, Music and Theatre programs, and some clubs and service organizations.

Does Saint Ursula Academy have a homework policy?

Homework is part of the challenging academic programming at Saint Ursula Academy.

Does Saint Ursula Academy offer support for students with special needs?

Established in 1982 so that each student has the opportunity to develop her academic potential, Saint Ursula Academy’s Educational Services Program (ES Program) serves girls with learning disabilities and AD/HD by providing accommodations identified in the student’s service plan or IEP. Students in the ES Program meet the same academic requirements as their classmates and are mainstreamed into college preparatory, honors, and Advanced Placement classes.

Program participants benefit from services that demonstrate Saint Ursula’s commitment to providing a successful college preparatory experience for girls with learning disabilities and AD/HD. This includes tutoring, coursework support, textbooks on CD, Kurzweil reader, extended time for testing, tests read by tutor, and the use of a digital recorder to record class notes.

Saint Ursula Academy is a provider for students who qualify for the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program.

What specialty classes / extracurricular activities does Saint Ursula Academy offer (gym, art, language, sports etc.)?

Saint Ursula offers a rich selection of electives beyond the core coursework.

There are many offerings in STEM subjects like Engineering Foundations, Calculus, Probability and Statistics, AP courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Robotics, Forensics, Biotechnology and Invertebrate Zoology. Also offered are Computer applications, AP Computer Science Principles and CCP tech courses through the University of Cincinnati.

Other popular electives include Photography, Ceramics, AP Art History, Architecture, Studio Art and Portfolio Class, Theatre Directing Lab, Music Theatre Workshop, Psychology, AP Macroeconomics, Cincinnati History, History of the Holocaust, Bad Girls and Unruly Women, Shakespeare, Literary Monsters, Women in Literature, Morality and Social Justice, and many more!

Saint Ursula also offers many opportunities for students to connect with professionals through alumnae mentorship, designated work shadow days in multiple careers, professional lunch-and-learns, coffee events to meet professionals and hear about their careers, guest speakers, business/medical/science clubs, and so much more!

As a student’s intellectual curiosity expands through her high school years, she thrives in an academic environment that develops her analytical and critical thinking, her capacity for knowledge and her creativity. Through our four-year curriculum, students are exposed to a breadth of experiences across the humanities, sciences and fine arts, with opportunities for further study in areas that interest her.

All courses are college-preparatory, with most disciplines offering honors level courses as well. Students can earn college credit with courses offered through the College Credit Plus (CCP) programming or the many Advanced Placement class offerings.

What are Saint Ursula Academy’s safety policies?

Saint Ursula works closely with local, national and federal agencies on safety protocols and policies. The safety of every student and adult on campus is a top priority. Every building on campus requires a photo ID badge to enter any building. SUA’s school resource officer works with the school on important training and drills. Drills will be held monthly, as required by law. These are important safety precautions. A full-time school nurse is on duty from 7:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. on all school days. There are many other safety protocols in place and drills are run on a regular basis to prepare for a number of emergency scenarios.



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