The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati Public Tour: Nikola Tesla at Memorial Hall

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati is thrilled to bring TCT on Tour to schools, libraries, and venues across the Tri-State. Closer to home, you can catch the spring Nikola Tesla touring shows at Memorial Hall and the Oxford Community Arts Center!

The family theatrical performance of Nikola Tesla at Memorial Hall on Saturday, January 28th is free to attend at 12p or 2p with reservations.

Travel back in time to the late 1800s and enter the dazzling mind of Nikola Tesla, a brilliant young engineer. Relying on his math and science skills, a photographic memory, and a mysterious blinding light containing flashes of inspiration, Tesla makes a discovery that could change the world of science—and the legacy of his mentor, Thomas Edison—forever! Learn the true story of this often ignored inventor, whose work as a “mad scientist” eventually led to the Tesla coil, X-ray, RADAR, wireless energy, and artificial lighting.

About Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall Operations is dedicated to programming and preserving historic Hamilton County Memorial Hall. The venue’s bookings reflect the richness of our community, honor the veterans for whom the hall was built, and contribute to the vibrancy of the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.

Memorial Hall
Memorial Hall

Like the six pillars supporting the magnificent facade of Memorial Hall, six programming areas form the foundation of work:

  • Free and low-cost family programs.
  • Memorable performances by diverse artists.
  • Inspiring encounters with women leaders.
  • Honoring our veteran community.
  • Offering an affordable, uplifting venue for Cincinnati’s performing arts presenters and producers.
  • Preservation of our historic Hall.

About Oxford Community Arts Center

Oxford Community Arts group formed in 1998 and officially incorporated as the Oxford Community Arts Center on October 29, 2001, to bring a community arts center into being. An opportunity was identified when Miami University was about to dispose of the large, historic building that was originally the Oxford Female Institute but better known as Oxford College for Women. A group of 12 formed a steering committee to save the building as a center for the arts and to serve the people of Oxford.

The Friday, March 17th, 7p Nikola Tesla touring show at the Oxford Community Arts Center is $7 for adults and $5 for children to attend with reservations.

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