Traveling with Kids

It’s easy to figure out why vacations (whether near or far) are so important. Having the family together for extended periods of time in a new environment without the confining structure of daily life (work, school, sports, chores,etc.) is great for family morale, and family memories.

But there are also some other things that are great for kids on the road or in the air, and I’m not talking about the hotel pool, which at times is all they seem to want!

The kindness of strangers
You know how we’re always telling our kids not to talk to strangers? Sometimes it’s nice to go against our own advice, especially when we’re on vacation. Hotel and resort staff often have a soft spot for kids and will go to great lengths to make sure they have a good time. Did I ever tell you about the waiter on St. John who wore a duck tape tie my daughter made for him? Or the Jasper Lake Lodge employee who we asked where we could find their resident elk herd? Not only did he tell us; he personally escorted us and then had milk and cookies delivered to our room with a note. It’s special moments like these that make our trips more personable and memorable, and we realize that there are lovely people all over this planet.

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The wonders of wildlife and nature

If the kids think a visit to the local park is thrilling, wait until they see the ocean for the first time, or a national park. Not to mention the kinds of critters they might come across at these wild places. The wonder that they experience now will become appreciation as they get older. Did you know that iguanas on St. John know what time happy hour starts every day? They come for the cherries!

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Slowing down life

Vacation is a time to step away from your role as drill sergeant and let the days unfold as they may. Forget about what time it is and just be with your kids. Have a genuine conversation, inspired by the moment, and savor the present. Take it all in, and slowly, and you just may be rewarded with rocks that spell out your name, or the thrill of seeing an unusual bird or butterfly.

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Sharing new experiences

How fun is it to teach your kids something you’ve always enjoyed yourself? I remember my daughter’s first snorkeling trip — it started with arguing, two trips across the island to get the right sized flippers and then trepidation, trial and error… and then we were off into the wild blue together, holding hands and sharing in the wonders of the sea.

Seeing other cultures

It’s one thing to read about other countries in a school textbook. And it’s an entirely different thing to see things first hand. It’s a big world out there, and getting outside your comfort zone once in awhile can be the best education of all.



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