Working Out for Two

Staying active during and after pregnancy is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, reducing stress, and promoting overall well-being. But how can you fit fitness into your routine when your body is going through so many changes? Let’s explore some fun and practical ways for pregnant and new mamas to stay fit and enjoy all the physical and mental health benefits. 

Prenatal Yoga 

Prenatal yoga is a fantastic way to stay active while expecting. It helps with flexibility, eases back pain, and promotes relaxation. Plus, it’s a great way to prepare your body for childbirth. Many yoga studios offer special classes just for pregnant women, focusing on gentle stretches and breathing exercises that are safe for you and your baby. Check out local studios like Shine Yoga and NKO Yoga. 

Stroller Fitness Groups 

Once the baby arrives, finding time to exercise can be tough. Stroller fitness groups, like FIT4MOM, can help you get back in shape while you meet a supportive community of other new moms! These groups meet in parks or community centers, letting you work out while keeping your baby close by. You can expect a mix of walking or jogging with strollers, bodyweight exercises, and strength training. 

Baby Bootcamp 

Baby bootcamp classes are designed for new mothers who want to regain their pre-pregnancy fitness levels. These classes incorporate cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises that can be done with or without the baby. Many bootcamps offer different levels of intensity, so you can start where you’re comfortable. You can even use your baby as part of the workout, whether in a carrier, stroller, or as a little extra weight during exercises. Check out TriHealth for their ongoing Mama with Kiddos Bootcamp and Barre classes.  

Gyms That Cater to Parents 

Finding a gym that understands the needs of parents can be a game-changer. Many gyms, like the Cincinnati Sports Club and the YMCA, offer childcare services, so you can work out without worrying about your little one. Some even have special classes for new mothers, focusing on postnatal fitness and recovery. With flexible hours and a family-friendly atmosphere, these gyms make it easier to stick to a regular workout routine. 

Home Workouts 

If you prefer working out at home, there are plenty of options! Online fitness programs, apps, and YouTube channels offer tons of workouts that you can do right in your living room. From prenatal Pilates to postpartum strength training, you’ll find exercises tailored to each stage of motherhood. Home workouts are super convenient and flexible, perfect for fitting in a quick session during nap times or whenever you have a spare moment. 


Swimming is a low-impact exercise that’s easy on the joints and perfect for both pregnant and postpartum women. It gives you a full-body workout, improving cardiovascular health, strength, and endurance. Swimming can also be a relaxing way to unwind and relieve the physical discomforts associated with pregnancy. Joining a pool that you can access year-round will help give you a boost during the colder months in Southwest Ohio. 

Strength Training 

Strength training is important for maintaining muscle tone and overall physical health. During pregnancy, it helps prepare the body for the demands of childbirth. After pregnancy, it helps with recovery and rebuilding muscle strength. Using light weights or resistance bands, you can perform exercises that target different muscle groups. Just be sure to check with your healthcare provider to ensure the exercises are safe for your specific stage of pregnancy or postpartum recovery. 

Tips for Staying Motivated 

Staying motivated to exercise can be challenging, especially with the demands of motherhood. Here are some tips to keep you on track: 

  • Set Realistic Goals: Start with small, achievable goals and gradually increase the intensity and duration of your workouts. 
  • Schedule Workouts: Treat exercise like an important appointment. Set aside specific times for your workouts and stick to them. 
  • Find a Buddy: Meeting up with another mom can provide accountability and make exercising more enjoyable. 
  • Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to how your body feels and avoid pushing yourself too hard. Rest when needed. 
  • Celebrate Progress: Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. Progress is progress!

Incorporating fitness into your life during and after pregnancy can make a big difference in your well-being and energy levels. Whether it’s through prenatal yoga, stroller fitness groups, or home workouts, there are plenty of ways to stay active and healthy. Embrace this journey with positivity and dedication, knowing that every step you take is a stride towards a healthier, happier you! 

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