10 Truths About Bathing Toddlers

1. No matter how large the bathtub is, or how full it is, they will always be disappointed that you didn’t fill it to tippy top, effectively turning it into an “infinity tub.”

2. Even though many kids enjoy taking baths, they will always resist some part of it, whether it be undressing, getting in, the temperature of the water, something will not be right.

3. Once kids get in, they do not want to get out, ever. In fact kids would rather sit in a bath where the water has turned ice cold, than stop playing and get out.

4. There’s no such thing as tear-free shampoo. There are tears. Every time.

5. No matter how many bath toys you have the tub, there will always be plastic cups from the kitchen in the tub as well.

6. Stuffed animals do not do well in the bathtub.

7. Out of curiosity every child will eventually turn on the shower while taking a bath. The good news is, they will be so traumatized, they will never do it again.

8. Poop happens.

9. Bubble baths are always a disaster. If at all possible, never, ever let your kids know about bubble baths.

10. Toddlers find many things funny, but nothing makes them giggle more than splashing mom or dad outside of the tub.


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