17 Fun Snow Activities You Can Do with Kids

We love snow in Cincinnati and Dayton! All that white stuff falling from the sky is the perfect medium for fun and educational activities. Here is a list of snow fun ideas that families can enjoy together.

Design glass ice yard ornaments

Turn your backyard into a beautifully decorated winter wonderland with these ice ornaments.

Make snow ice cream

The classic creamy treat is easy to make with just a few ingredients.

Erupt a snow volcano

With a pile of snow and a few ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, you can see what happens when chemicals react!

Blow frozen bubbles

Bubbles are fun to blow any time of the year, but they become especially beautiful ice orbs when the temperature drops. See how they change when it’s cold!

Catch falling snowflakes and study them

Each snowflake is unique. You can see just how individually pretty each flake is when you catch some on black paper.

Construct a snow block fort or igloo

Make snow blocks out of things from your kitchen cabinet to construct a snow fort or igloo. Make your ice blocks colorful by adding food coloring!

Measure the water content of snow

Will a cup of snow result in a cup of water when it melts? Find out with this science experiment!

Create colorful ice orbs from water balloons

Take your snow up a notch by creating beautiful ice orbs. To make it even more fun, freeze a small plastic toy inside. Once it’s frozen, let your child try to get it out!

Make juice slushies

Add your favorite juice to a cup of snow. Adjust the amounts of each depending on how slushy you like it.

Make a Swedish snow lantern

Also called a snolykta, these cone-shaped lanterns made of snowballs will make your yard look beautiful at night.

Make maple syrup snow candy

Candy is dandy, especially when you make it yourself from snow!

Pretend to ice skate indoors

A pan of ice, a couple of ice cubes and some toys is all you need for indoor pretend ice skating. This is a great sensory activity for toddlers!

Bring the snow inside

Not all kids like to get bundled up and go outside in the cold. Bring the snow inside in a big bowl or tub for a wintertime indoor sensory activity. Just Make sure you have plenty of towels at hand!

Do some snow painting

Squirt or spray bottles filled with colored water is all you need to make the snow your canvas. Alternatively, for younger kids, you can bring the snow inside and paint it with colored water or watercolors.

Create snow angels

Then decorate them with items around the yard.

Make blubber gloves

Find out the science behind how animals stay warm in the winter.

Make a snowman

This is the most obvious snow activity, but it’s a classic!

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