Best Sledding Spots in Dayton

With the winter season officially here, many Ohioans are hopeful for snow. Check out our list of the top spots to go sledding in and around the Dayton area! 

Wright Memorial Park

The hill is an area favorite when it comes on where to sled in Dayton. Located off of Route 444 on Kaufman Avenue next to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, this hill has great access and parking. The designated sledding area is a grass surface ranging from smooth to bumpy.

The slope is approximately 40 degrees with a lengthy run of about 700 to 800 feet. Many great spots act as ramps for those who like catching air. The only real obstacles are trees, but they’re at the top of the hill — well out of the way of a good run.

Englewood MetroPark

Englewood MetroPark’s sledding hill is located in the West Park. Use the 100 E. National Road entrance (U.S. 40 at State Route 48) and follow the park road for parking. There is a short walk through the woods to the hill from the parking lot.

The entrance to the wooded trail is signed at the south end of the parking lot. There’s lots of room to have multiple launches for races or stunt competitions and plenty of good runs.

Indian Riffle Park

Hidden behind Kettering Middle School off of Glengarry Dr. and Stroop Rd. is a beautiful sledding secret. The Indian Riffle Park hill is more of a mound, giving sliders more than one side to slide down. No obstacles with pretty smooth rides.Perfect for all ages.

Taylorsville MetroPark

With sufficient snowfall, glide down the sledding hill at the Taylorsville West Park, 1200 South Brown School Road. Bumpy, grass turf with a gentle grade, this obstacle-free hill offers safe long-distance sledding down a slope of 30 degrees with a 400- to 500-foot run. Sledding is not permitted on the dam.

Germantown MetroPark

Kids will love the sledding hill! The hill is located at 6206 Boomershine Road, just north of Manning Road. This big hill is well worth the drive for sledders, tubers and beginning snowboarders alike.

John Bryan State Park

Under the proper winter conditions, park guests can enjoy sledding and cross-country skiing.

Community Golf Course 

Located next to Hills & Dales MetroPark at Community Golf Course. Famous for its suicide hill if you are looking for a true thrill!

Other fan favorite sledding hills: 

Triangle Park, 1700 Embury Park Rd., Dayton

Washington Park, 100 N. Wright Ave., Dayton

Bomberger Park at the corner of E. Fifth and Keowee Streets, Dayton

Stubbs Park, 255 West Spring Valley Pike, Centerville

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