3 Steps to an Organized Closet 

Cleaning out your closet… it’s tedious work, but spring is the perfect time to do it! Recently, my family moved into a new home and boxes of my clothing were scattered into my new closet. Before tidying up, I used my 3-step full-proof way to organize my closet and receive cash for my gently-used fashions.

My secret? Clothes Mentor!

Here are 3 Steps to an Organized Closet – with some help from resale rock star Clothes Mentor:

1. Clean Out

Before I began hanging and arranging my closet and drawers, I reviewed my accessories, shoes and clothing. My Rule: If not worn in three years, it’s time to part ways. (Except for the Little Black Dress….. never goes out of style.)

2. Create Two Piles: Donate/Sell

The closet is cleaned out! The items not going into my closet will be separated into two piles: “Donate” and “Sell.” My trendy or classic gently-used fashions will be added to the Clothes Mentor sell pile and bagged in a tote. Note: It’s best to bring fashions to Clothes Mentor in a tote or plastic bin. 

3. Sell to Clothes Mentor

With four convenient locations (Anderson, Fields Ertel, Hyde Park and West Chester), Clothes Mentor makes it easy for busy moms get cash for clothes. The process is easy – first have your identification ready. Then Clothes Mentor prices your items using a cutting-edge computer system. They price items around 1/3 of the original retail; and then will offer you up to 1/3 of that. After your clothes are reviewed and entered into the system, Clothes Mentor will present you with an offer. The time to process your items varies, but you will be sent a text message once your buy is complete. If you choose to accept the offer, you will be paid cash immediately. And if they choose not to purchase your items, you many take them home, or Clothes Mentor will donate them to Matthew 25 Ministries. 

Finally, the closet is organized and I have cash in my pocket! For more information, visit Clothes Mentor online or follow your local Clothes Mentor on Instagram and Facebook to see new styles coming into the stores each day and special sales or events! 

To stay up-to-date on the latest trends and sales, be sure to follow your favorite Clothes Mentor stores on Instagram: @clothesmentor_fieldserteloh @clothesmentor_westchester @clothesmentoranderson @clothesmentorhydepark.

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