31 Easy Science Experiments and STEM Activities Using Household Stuff

Time off from school doesn’t mean learning and creativity has to stop.

If you are looking for some ways to keep the spark of learning alive at home, these fun, easy science experiments and STEM activities are just the thing. Best of all, these projects use items that you probably have around the house. 

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Things to Build & Create

  1. Make your own lava lamp.
  2. Make homemade paper.
  3. Use some of that toilet paper you’re hoarding and make a mummy.
  4. Make a mesmerizing wave machine.
  5. Create mud bricks.
  6. Make your own stethoscope.
Homemade paper. Photo courtesy of www.instructables.com.

Food Science

  1. Make homemade butter (and get a workout) by shaking cream in a jar.
  2. Try to get an egg into a bottle.
  3. Learn about osmosis and grow gummy bears.
  4. Watch pepper scatter and learn about surface tension.
  5. Make geodes that you can eat.
  6. Learn about the phases of the moon with Oreos.
  7. Fool your senses with this taste test.
  8. Build a solar oven and make sun s’mores.
  9. Make edible sugar candy glass.
  10. Experiment with curds and whey to make ricotta cheese.
Growing gummy bears. Photo courtesy of www.playdoughtoplato.com.

Science That Flies

  1. Make a paper toothpick glider that flies far.
  2. Make a paper bag kite for those windy days.
  3. Make a hovercraft with a balloon and an old CD.
  4. Make a parachute for a toy soldier.
  5. Make a straw glider.
  6. Build a paper airplane launcher.
Homemade hovercraft. Photo courtesy of www.scholastic.com.

Noisy Science

  1. Create a soothing-sounding rain stick.
  2. Make music with bottles.
  3. Jam with a cardboard guitar.
  4. Make music with a couple of glasses of water.
  5. Make a straw oboe.
Straw Oboe. Photo courtesy of www.exploratorium.edu.

Sticky Science

  1. Make fluffy dish soap slime.
  2. Explore non-Newtonian fluids by making oobleck.
  3. Create edible fake snot slime.
  4. Make super easy three-ingredient slime.
Edible fake snot slime. Photo courtesy of www.littlebinsforlittlehands.com.

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