40 Things To Do This Fall In Cincinnati

Happy fall, friends!

Ok — I know fall doesn’t technically start until September 23… but everyone knows that summer ends on Labor Day — and there are so many fun things on this fall bucket list, you’ll need a head start!

In a nationwide survey, nearly 30% of Americans chose fall as their favorite season. It’s no wonder why everyone loves fall: between the crisp temps, fall colors and pumpkin-everything (seriously — go to Trader Joe’s and you’ll see an abundance of pumpkin products!), what’s not to like?

Cincinnati is drop-dead gorgeous in the fall — our skies big and blue, trees rich orange and red hues and weather perfectly cool-but-not-cold-nor-hot-nor-humid. There’s also an abundance of festivals, events and happenings all around the city, celebrating fall, the harvest and Halloween!

Without further ado, I present your 2015 Fall Bucket List. Enjoy!

  1. Have a bowl of vegan chili from Park + Vine
  2. See the sunflowers at Gorman Heritage Farm
  3. Carve a pumpkin
  4. Go on a train ride with the family
  5. Conquer a Corn Maze (like the 7 acre maze at Blooms & Berries!)
  6. Have an apple cider doughnut (or how about a pumpkin pie milkshake?!)
  7. Take a fall hike at the Cincinnati Nature Center
  8. Go see Serpent Mound
  9. Make a homemade pie
  10. Have Blue Oven Bread with homemade soup (trust me — Blue Oven is worth standing in line for!)
  11. Jump in a pile of leaves
  12. Go apple picking
  13. Take a weekend getaway in Ohio
  14. Family hay ride!
  15. Visit a haunted house
  16. Take a Queen City Underground tour
  17. Go see The Art of the Brick exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center
  18. Check out the Taft Halloween exhibition (go on a Sunday — it’s free!)
  19. Attend Kids Fall Fest at Washington Park
  20. Go trick or treating on a day other than Halloween!
  21. Listen to The Monster Mash
  22. Watch a Hitchcock movie with your significant other (after the kids are asleep!)
  23. Buy a bag of your favorite Halloween candy — just for you (I’m partial to Almond Joys…)!
  24. Make pumpkin bread from scratch (you can cheat and buy a can of pumpkin puree)!
  25. Go chocolate crazy at the Cincinnati Chocolate Festival (October 11, FYI)
  26. Buy a flannel-something (shirt, scarf, pjs)
  27. Sign up for a Fall race
  28. Try a pumpkin product from Trader Joe’s
  29. Go to Balluminaria
  30. Put up a silly Halloween decoration in your yard
  31. Buy your children rakes so they can pitch in, then
  32. Jump in a pile of leaves!
  33. Volunteer somewhere
  34. Visit one of Hamilton County’s Great Parks
  35. Make something in your Crock Pot
  36. Go for an after-dinner walk as a family before the time change hits (AKA, before November 1)
  37. Get an early jump on holiday shopping!
  38. Plant spring bulbs! (Have your kids choose a few from a local nursery)
  39. Go to a farmer’s market before they close for the season
  40. Collect canned goods for a local food pantry
So sit down with your calendar and make some plans for family fun this fall! I suggest doing as much as you can outside… because winter will be here before you know it (and according to the aforementioned survey, nobody likes winter!).

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