Saturday Morning Vibes Cereal Bar

Attention, cereal lovers! Saturday Morning Vibes Cereal Bar in Cincinnati might be your new best friend. You know you’ve done it before, whether you’ve combined the final dregs of two different cereal boxes or couldn’t make up your mind between two different tastes. Saturday Morning Vibes Cereal Bar takes this to the next level. Combine cereals. Add fun toppings. Try limited edition varieties. Play games.

Perhaps Saturday Morning Vibes Cereal Bar says it best, “We have single-handedly created a way for you to enjoy a chill, carefree Saturday morning every day of the week.”

On the Menu

The Create Your Own section is where you’ll want to start. Pick a size and type: oatmeal, shake/smoothie or bowl refill. Then pick a topping like coconut flakes, Pop Tarts, vanilla Oreos, Snickers, chocolate chips, brownie crumbs, sprinkles, bananas, strawberries, whipped cream, blueberries, marshmallows or almonds. Top it off with your choice of milk from cow to almond, soy, oat or lactose-free.

If the choices are just too much, pick a cereal combination from the menu, including Animaniacs, s’mores, corporate’s free lunch or Golden Girls. There are also extras you can add or non-cereal items, like bagels, muffins, fruit cups or a breakfast sandwich.

3539 Reading Rd., Suite 101, Cincinnati |

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