5 Classic Cincinnati meal kits to make quarantine fun

We’re heading into weekend 1,457 of quarantine, and if you’re missing your favorite local dining spots, you’re not alone! Experience some of your Cincinnati eats — all from the safety of your home.

Here are 5 Classic Cincinnati meal kits to make quarantine fun:

Camp Washington Chili (pictured)

Camp Washington Chili is now selling to-go coney kits so you and your family can make some cheese coneys at home just how you like. The coney kits cost $25 and come with a dozen hot dogs and buns, a mini bottle of mustard and of course, cheese, chili and onions. The kits also comes with four York peppermint patties and oyster crackers. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday for drive-thru and carryout, the coney kits are available for both to-go options.

Jeff Ruby’s

For a next-level dining experience, Jeff Ruby’s has you covered. Packages serve four and include steaks for the grill, Freddie Salad, Jeff Ruby’s Mac & Cheese, asparagus, Sixteen Bricks sourdough bread and the famous compound butter. Steak options include filets, NY strip and ribeye. At $125, these kits are admittedly a bit of a splurge, but considering how much a date night typically costs, these meal kits make for a special night in.

Montgomery Inn

For $99, get a feast for 6-8 people from this Cincy favorite! The Family Pack includes 2 King Slabs, 2 quarter chickens (all white) OR 20 chicken wings, pan of Saratoga chips, pan of salad OR pan of coleslaw, BBQ sauce and 1 fully baked pie. (Smaller families can order a pared-down version of this menu for jus $59.95.)


Does it get any more ‘Cincinnati’ than LaRosa’s?? For $75, pick up a LaRosa’s Anniversary Meal kit and live large! The kit includes: two bags of LaRosa’s Meatballs, one 4-pack of Hoagy Buns, one jar of LaRosa’s Family Recipe Original Pasta Sauce and two LaRosa’s Original Pepperoni Pizzas.

The Root Beer Stand

A “Heat and Eat” Family Pack is $30, and will make you feel like you’re at this Cincy institution. The take-away kits include 6 footlong hot dogs, 6 footlong buns, plus all the fixins (cheese, chili and onions). Add a gallon of root beer for $6 and you’ve got the complete Root Beer Stand experience. (Have a smaller family? Get a ‘Junior’ version — pictured above — for just $20!) The Root Beer Stand is open Tuesday-Sunday, 11 am to 8 pm.

Craving pizza instead? Check out our guide to take-home pizza kits!

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