5 Jokes For April Fools Day

April brings showers, flowers and FUN with April Fools Day. If you’re looking for some quick ideas of silly – but safe! – pranks to play on your family, here are a few of our favorites:

5. The old switcheroo: Switch clothes around in your children’s dressers OR with a sibling’s drawers. Watch as they confusingly try to figure out why their clothes aren’t in the right place.

4. Growth spurt: Pull some of the kids’ old clothes from hiding and lay them out to put on. Once the kids see how small the clothes are on them, convince them that they must have grown overnight!

3. Flip things on end: Go through the house and turn picture frames, vases, magnets on the fridge, toys, throw pillows and other things upside down. Giggle as the family discovers them one by one.

2. Don’t bug out: Pick up some plastic bugs at the dollar store, and freeze them in to ice cubes. Drop them in to your family’s morning juice or water during dinner and listen for squeals.

1. Another form of switcheroo: During the night, shift the kids from their bed to the floor and replace them with stuffed animals. Let them know their favorite bear or lovie is to blame.

Need more April Fools inspiration? Our friends at theCityMoms have collected some great ideas over on Pinterest.

Do you have a favorite {and innocent!} April Fools prank you play on your family? Please share them in the comments OR tweet us at @indyschild and @themomista. {Or show them off on April 1st! Tag us in your Instagram photos at @indyschild and @themomista1 and you might be featured in an upcoming post or article.}

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