6 Things Your Family Has To Do At Coney Island This Summer

Cincinnati is full of classic summer fun and the top of that list is definitely Coney Island. This nostalgic pool and amusement park have been entertaining families for years and it is one of our favorite destinations, especially in the summer. When we visit, we always find something new to enjoy, but we make sure to revisit our already beloved attractions as well. Coney Island is perfect for families of all ages, but one of the things I particularly love is that there are so many things my very young children (ages four and two) can do.

If you’ve never been to Coney Island, or are looking for a list of must-do’s at this classic park, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 6 things your family has to do at Coney Island this summer:

Splash Around At Sunlite Pool

We like to start out our day at the pool, which happens to be the largest recirculating pool in the world. Aside from its enormous size, there is a roped off area for little ones, diving boards, a jumping platform in the middle and you can even bring your favorite donut-shaped float for relaxing. You’ve got to try the metal slide in the middle – it’s an oldie, but a goodie. And definitely take your kids over to Typhoon Tower! It was new last year and the water blasters, slides and plummeting water tower are a blast.

Ride a Boat

You can relax as a family on Lake Como in a couple of different ways. Your family can take a spin around the lake on a Paddle Boat or putter through a course on the Como Cruisers. These are great because the entire family can participate together.

Brave A Thrill Ride

If you’ve got a dare devil in your family, or even kids that are a little older and are looking for a thrill, there are rides for them, too! The Python is a small roller coaster that still manages to make your heart drop into your stomach. Or maybe that was just me. But my 4-year-old loved it and I loved that we could all ride together. There is a 36-inch height requirement, so even our two-year-old could ride. Another favorite is the River Runner, AKA the Pirate Ship. Sit in the last row if you enjoy that “I feel like I may fall out of my seat” effect.

Enjoy the Classics

I love Coney Island because they have classics like the Carousel, the Scrambler, and our family favorite, the Bumper Cars. There is a bigger version that everyone in the family can enjoy, but our kids loved trying the mini-cars, where they got to bump their way around on their own.

Let Your Kids Take The Wheel

There are so many rides at Coney where the kids can ride by themselves. Our 4-year-old loved this…our 2-year-old, not as much. But she was content waving to her big brother as he rang the bell on the train ride, flew a helicopter in the sky and spun around on the mini-swings. As we were leaving, my son exclaimed, “This place is awesome!” I think he senses that this place was designed specifically to get that reaction.

Go to KidsFEST!

August 13th is Cincinnati Parent’s KidsFEST – and this event is a must for all local families! KidsFEST features face painting, character meet-and-greets, pony rides, games, a Cover Kids Contest and tons of booths with giveaways, drawings, activities and more, all in Coney Island’s festive Moonlite Pavilion. The best part? Other than parking, KidsFEST is totally free – including entry into the Cover Kids Contest! And all KidsFEST goers can get into Coney Island for a deeply discounted rate of just $7.50 on Sunday, August 13th.

There’s still plenty of time left this summer to enjoy Coney Island and Sunlite Pool. The park continues to add new attractions to keep it fresh, but stays true to its classic, nostalgic atmosphere. Your family will make memories that you’ll want to revisit year after year.

For more information on Coney Island, including ticket prices, hours and height requirements for each ride, check out their website here. And be sure to mark your calendars for KidsFEST on August 13th!

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