8 Things You Need To Do At Behringer-Crawford Museum

Cincinnati is a wonderful place to live for so many reasons and one of them is that it’s impossible to be bored in this city. Especially if you’re looking for activities and places to visit with little ones, the options are endless. One of the hidden gems in our area that we enjoy visiting every once in awhile is the Behringer-Crawford Museum within Devou Park. 

If you’ve wondered what there is to do at this transportation-themed museum in Covington, then check out these 8 things you need to do at Behringer-Crawford Museum:

#1 Drive back in time

On the second floor, my kids love to pretend to drive in the old car that’s nostalgically placed in a drive-in. This attraction will keep kids entertained much longer than you’d think.

#2 Trains!

This museum is mostly known for its train display during the holidays, but there’s a lot of train-themed fun to experience here all year long and for a variety of ages. On the first floor, be sure to check out the miniature town that’s on display that highlights many modes of transportation, and climb underneath to reach the bubble that takes you right into the middle of the action!

#3 Go fishing

Another favorite area of the museum is the third floor and the riverboat, complete with a river. Visitors can “fish” in the waters, and participate in many other pretend play set-ups in this section.

#4 Imaginative play

In this same area there are also several dress up outfits that take little ones back in time. My daughter enjoyed dressing up and hosting a tea party, while her brother captained the boat.

#5 Take a selfie elkie

Behringer-Crawford Museum offers all sorts of history and exhibits and one of the most unique items is a preserved elk that hangs out in the corner. You can’t leave the museum without a fun photo with this big guy.

#6 Visit for an event

Behringer-Crawford Museum hosts events throughout the year that are geared toward little ones and provide more activities during your visit. Tot Tuesdays! is a popular event and you can learn more about that here.

#7 Play outside!

Nature Play at Behringer-Crawford Museum is a unique nature playscape, built into the natural elements of a hillside adjacent to the museum. On a nice day, it’s a must before or after your time in the museum. It allows for imaginations to literally run wild and keep in mind that there are many opportunities to get a little dirty. Behringer-Crawford Museum is also located in lovely Devou Park, where you can hike a nature trail or a scenic paved walkway, have a picnic overlooking Cincinnati’s skyline and play on one of many traditional playgrounds throughout the park.

#8 Become part of history

BCM has four levels to explore and they feature rails, roads, rivers and runways. Behringer-Crawford Museum may not be flashy, brand new, or massive, but it is definitely filled with plenty of opportunities to be creative. I love this museum for its simplicity, history and interactive nature that forces my kids to use their imaginations. I also love the Devou Park setting – a spot that truly highlights the beauty of Cincinnati.

For more information on the museum, including hours and pricing, visit BCM’s website here.

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