A Day Off

I received an interesting gift for Father’s Day. It was the gift of time. In two weeks I will get an entire day to myself. My wife will be at work, my kids will be out of the house for an ENTIRE day.

Which means I have only 14 days to plan out what I want to do with “my day off.”

I’m guessing I’ll have about 12 hours to spend however I would like.

So, what should I do?

I should probably do things that are a hassle with my kids in tow, but I don’t wan’t the day to be filled with going to the grocery store, the bank and other errands. I’ve been wanting to donate blood again, I guess I could do that. I would like to go for a run that day too, running solo is MUCH better than pushing a double jogger up and down the street. I suppose I could get a haircut too (pretty sure I need one). I could also squeeze in some time to write a new blog post or two that day. Mowing the lawn is also a possibility. I could probably cram a whole bunch of these short hour-long activities into a day. What to do?

Maybe I’ll go on some kind of adventure. Twelve hours is more than enough time to drive to 3 Floyd’s Brewery, eat lunch and bring home some of their brew. Or I could load up my mountain bike and ride some trails in Southern Indiana. The last time I did that though I ended up in the ER, so I should probably think twice about that one.

It was even suggestion by one person that I sit around in my underwear and drink beer all day. Hmm?

I’m really torn on this one.

Should I be productive, extremely lazy, or somewhere in between?

Given the opportunity, what would you do?


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