A Different Kind of Birthday Present

Another weekend, another kid birthday party to attend. It’s ok to start saying no to some of these invitations right?

I wanted to share this cool idea a family did instead of accepting presents for their kids. This family decided instead of gifts they were asking people to donate items to a local shelter for woman and children of domestic violence. The organization’s wish list was online and any items a person wanted to donate could be taken to the party, then the family would drop it all off at the shelter. So cool.

This isn’t just some gimmick the parents created either, the kids are old enough and know they are missing out on things for themselves, but would rather give to others. They know the good they are doing for these women and children.

I’m not sure when this whole idea of using a birthday as a way to give to charity all started, but I remember when I taught seventh graders the girls talked about how Justin Beiber asked people to donate $17 to Charity Water for his 17th birthday. That was the first I had heard of it, but maybe it’s been going on forever. Regardless, this is the first time we were invited to this type of party.

I thought it was awesome, I’m so tired of trying to guess what a four-year-old boy or a seven-year-old girl might want for their birthday. You can only buy so many Nerf footballs and Hello Kitty items before it just starts to feel like a chore.

How many made in China plastic junk toys does one person “need” anyway?

Something to think about when your kid’s next birthday rolls around.


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