A Tribute to Children’s Book Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Last week I saw a headline about an author who died 10 days after an article she wrote about wanting to find a new wife for her husband. I was intrigued to read further, then shocked and saddened to find out the author wasn’t just any author, but one of my all-time favorite authors, Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Amy died last week of ovarian cancer at the young age of 51.

I first discovered Amy back in 2005 when I came across the conceptually brilliant Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. I had never seen a book quite like it, filled with witty, random observations and lists, oh, the lists! Amy felt like a kindred spirit and she inspired me to elevate my own passion for writing and even start a business around it. I also discovered her hilarious post Partum cards, pregnancy journal and Birthday Book. And then came all the children’s books. My daughter was at the perfect age, so I bought every book that came out and stocked her shelves. My daughter, now on the verge of teendom, has since outgrown the storybooks but I’ve carefully packed them away for the next generation.

Go to Amy’s website below to read more about her and her work. Or go to Amazon, or your local bookstore. Buy something for yourself. Or for your kids. Or a niece, nephew or friend. But do something to spread her love, humor and spirit. I owe it to Amy.


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