American Sign Museum to Host Grand Re-Opening

Cincinnati’s iconic American Sign Museum is set to shine brighter than ever with the grand re-opening of its expanded Main Street this summer, offering visitors an enhanced experience celebrating classic Americana and the glow of bygone eras.

On Saturday, July 13, the American Sign Museum is inviting the public to join in the celebration of its 20,000-square-foot expansion, showcasing an array of new signage, program spaces, and event facilities.

Established in 2012 within the former Oesterlein Machine Company-Fashion Frocks Inc. building in Camp Washington, the American Sign Museum has been the host of over a century’s worth of American sign history. Now, the museum’s expansion into an unfinished portion of the century-old building marks a significant milestone, effectively doubling its size!

Key highlights of the expansion include:

Loka Theatre Marquee: A significant addition to the museum’s collection, this marquee from the historic Ioka Theater in Exeter, New Hampshire, will introduce a new theater space, showcasing videos and presentations about the museum’s collection while also serving as a small event and meeting space.

Ward’s Butter Bread Sign: Unearthed from a Chicago building following over 70 years of concealment, this hand-painted advertisement, created by Beverly Sign Company founder Jack Briggs, is a treasure trove of vintage advertising.

Johnny’s Big Red Grill: Standing tall at 21 and a half feet, this sign from a beloved watering hole in Ithaca, New York, will stand as the museum’s tallest sign in the new wing, capturing the essence of nostalgia and Americana.

G & J Tire: Hailing from Buffalo, New York, this sign, crafted around 1927, holds the distinction of being the oldest sign in the new wing, showcasing the enduring appeal of vintage craftsmanship.

The museum’s expanded wing also pays tribute to the artistry of 36 sign painters from across the United States and Canada, showcasing a diverse mixture of creativity and heritage.

This expansion marks Phase II of a three-phase construction project initiated in 2022. The completion of Phase II involved not only the expansion of Main Street, but also the addition of a multi-use classroom and flex space for programming, a catering kitchen, and a storage area. Phase I of the project encompassed staff offices, a conference room, a collections area, and a library and resource center.

Be a part of the grand reopening of the American Sign Museum on Saturday, July 13, located at 1330 Monmouth St. in Camp Washington. For more details, visit and be prepared to immerse yourself in the glow of American sign history and culture.

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