Audition Casting Notice For: The Wizard of Oz and Tarzan The Stage Musical Based on the Disney Film


This year, we hosted auditions in May for our first two MainStage productions of the 16-17 season, followed by these auditions in August for our last two productions.

All roles are paid positions.

Upon audition registration, you may indicate which shows you would like to be considered for this season, including our touring productions for TCT On Tour.

Auditions are by appointment only.  You only need ONE audition appointment even if you are interested in both productions.

Children ages 9-17 and adults 18+ may make an audition appointment.  Appointments can be made for:
  • Monday, August 15, 2016between 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM
  • Tuesday, August 16, 2016between 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM
  • Wednesday, August 17, 2016between 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM
  • Thursday, August 18, 2016between 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM

You MAY be asked to return and attend a “movement callback” on the day of your audition, which will take place from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

The Wizard of Oz callbacks will take place on Saturday, August 20, from 1 PM to 5:30 PM.

Tarzan The Stage Musical Based on the Disney Film callbacks will take place on Sunday August 21, from 6 PM to 10:30 PM.

Auditions and Callbacks are held at our offices located at:  4015 Red Bank Road, Cincinnati OH 45227.

Please bring a memorized song that best shows your vocal range. (1 minute max).  Remember your PIANO SHEET MUSIC for your song as we will NOT be auditioning your a cappella skills.  An accompanist will be provided. Your sheet music MUST have the piano part, not just the vocal line, and music should be in a 3-ring binder with the cut CLEARLY marked for the accompanist.

You do NOT need to prepare a monologue.

You may be asked to show your dance ability, so come prepared.  Wear appropriate shoes.  No flip flops.

Please bring a RECENT 8×10 headshot and UPDATED performance resume.

Please plan to arrive at least 10-15 minutes ahead of your appointment to check/correct previously submitted paperwork.

If we are ahead of schedule, we will audition you early.

Due to concentrated rehearsal periods, we ask that you do not have conflicts during rehearsals. In an effort to best facilitate all rehearsal times, all those auditioning will be asked to list all conflicts at the time of the audition. This season, all conflicts will result in a stipend adjustment. Please take note of when rehearsals begin, the day and evening tech and performance schedule, and bring your calendar with you to the audition.

Auditions and Callbacks are held at our offices located at 4015 Red Bank Road, Cincinnati, OH 45227.

Auditions are by appointment only.  Visit to schedule your audition time.


Directed by: Ken Jones, Director of SOTA: Northern Kentucky University

Choreographed by: Maddie Burgoon

Music Direction: Jacob Priddy

Book, Music, and Lyrics: by: L. Frank Baum, Harold Arlen & E.Y. Harburg

Rehearsals: January 9 – February 3, 2017

Tech Rehearsals: February 8-10, 2017

Performances: February 11-19, 2017


[DOROTHY] Female, a sweet innocent young lady, a bit outspoken and headstrong, but dearly loves her family and friends. Strong singer, actor, mover.

[MISS GULCH/WICKED WITCH] Female, Dorothy’s cold hearted neighbor, will also play Wicked Witch, the enemy of all of Oz who seeks revenge on Dorothy for the loss of her sister.  Strong actor with terrifying cackle.

[AUNT EM/ENSEMBLE] Female, Dorothy’s hard working, stern, aunt, will also double in the Female Ensemble.  Strong singer, actor, dancer.

[GLINDA/ENSEMBLE] Female, the good witch of the North who guides Dorothy on her journey, will also double in the Female Ensemble.  Strong singer, actor, dancer.

[UNLCE HENRY/OZ GUARD] Male, Dorothy’s uncle, will also double as Oz Guard.  Strong actor, singer, mover.

[SCARECROW/HUNK]  Male, Dorothy’s limber and loveable comrade who joins her on her quest to meet the Wizard in search of a brain, will also play Hunk, a farmhand.  Strong actor, singer, dancer.

[TIN MAN/HICKORY]  Male, Dorothy’s kind, sweet and nurturing friend, who joins her in search of a heart from the Wizard, will also play Hickory, a farm hand. Strong actor, singer, mover.

[LION/ZEKE] Male, the king of the forest who lacks courage and joins Dorothy to meet the Wizard and find it, will also play Zeke, a farm hand.  Strong singer, actor, mover.

[PROFESSOR MARVEL/WIZARD] Male, a traveling salesman and a con man with a fantastic façade, actor will play both Professor Marvel and the Wizard.  Strong actor.

[MALE & FEMALE ENSEMBLE] 3 Male, 2 Female, mid teens to adult, strong singer, actor, dancers to portray various characters in Oz including Ozians, Guards, Apple Trees etc.. and possibly cover principal roles.

[MUNCHKIN ENSEMBLE] 6 Boys, 6 Girls, young actors who are strong singer, actor, dancers to portray Munchkins & Flying Monkeys.


Directed by: Roderick Justice

Co-Choreographed by: Roderick Justice & Paula Rakestraw

Music Direction: Jamey Strawn

Book, Music, and Lyrics: by: David Henry Hwang and Phil Collins

Based on the Disney film

Rehearsals: February 27-March 25, 2017

Tech Rehearsals: March 27-31, 2017

Performances:  April 1-10, 2017


[TARZAN/FATHER] (Seeking understudy only) a young man, raised in the jungle and untainted by civilization, with great integrity and passion, will also portray Tarzan’s Human Father.  Strong actor, singer, dancer with athletic build.  High pop baritone/tenor with the ability to mix and belt.

[JANE] Female, a proper, well-bred, British young lady, but a bit of a tomboy too.  She is very much the turn-of-the-century independent female adventurer and scientist who falls in love with Tarzan.  Should be able to belt to D5; D5-F5 can be sung in a legit voice, must understand pop-phrasing and have power in both higher and lower registers

[KERCHAK] Male, the gruff bull-ape who leads the tribe and insists that Tarzan poses a threat to the family, baritone with big sound and commanding presence.  Strong actor, singer.

[KALA] Female, a motherly ape who raises Tarzan after he loses his parents, strong and emotional with a warm and mature singing voice with a low G in full voice, will also be in the vocal ensemble.  Strong singer, actor.

[TERK] Male, a young adult ape, friend of Tarzan who thinks he knows it all and relies on his great sense of humor, rock/pop/soul tenor.  Strong actor, singer.

[PORTER] Male, Jane’s father, a British professor and gentleman who is traveling to Africa to prove his theory on social habits of apes, slightly eccentric with mad-scientist enthusiasm, baritone.  Strong actor, singer.

[CLAYTON] Male, a brutish British expedition guide and the villain of the show.  Greedy and self centered macho male who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Strong actor.

[SNIPES] Male, head of the expedition crew, will also be in the vocal ensemble.  Strong actor, singer.

[YOUNG TARZAN] Male, an innocent ten year old human, raised by apes, immensely curious with a keen ingenuity, requires an unchanged singing voice with the ability to sing in a high register. Strong actor, singer.

[YOUNG TERK] Male, a sarcastic adolescent ape, an outcast due to meager size but makes up for it with eloquence and intelligence, a teenage tenor with strong pop phrasing ability.  Strong singer, actor

[DANCE ENSEMBLE/APE TRIBE] 5 men, 5 women, the tribe of gorillas who become Tarzan’s family, fun loving and fiercely protective, must be extremely skilled dancers, aerial skills and advanced gymnastics a HUGE plus, should also be comfortable with singing and text.  Will play small featured roles including Tarzan’s Human Mother.

[VOCAL ENSEMBLE] 4 men/boys, 6 women/girls, teens and adults to portray expedition crew and small featured roles, extremely strong singers with pop sensibility and the ability to hold tight harmonies, puppeteer experience a HUGE plus.

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