Back to School Photo and Traditions

If your family’s like mine, then you just experienced a significant lifestyle shift — getting up predawn for the first day of school! Even if you’re dreading the transition to some of the things school brings, keep in mind this is the only time your kid will be in whatever grade they’re starting (hopefully, right?!)

It’s another milestone of many that begs to be documented. So grab that iPhone or break out the fancy camera! Too rushed and stressed in the morning? No sweat. Just take a quick pic later in the day, or sometime during the week. Got a freshly minted teen like me who’s no longer into the cutesy, staged portraits? No problem, just snap a casual shot. The one I took happens to say a lot more than you might think. This was the summer we went to Florida with grandparents and my daughter fell in love with Kennedy Space Center and all things space, which led to a space-themed birthday party after we got back, when she turned (gasp!) 13. The cropped face reminds me how she’s getting a little more serious and private these days. She’s also getting into music.

As for traditions, we went to our local putt putt course for a quick game the night before school started. The big change with that? The nonchalant kid of the past who would swing wildly is now my EQUAL on the putting green. She’s in control, deliberate and competitive. (And not too thrilled when mom beat her by one in the end!)

So don’t forget to capture and celebrate this time of year. Because this is just one of oh so many stepping stones.

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