Baila Dance Academy

Baila Dance Academy is the place in Cincinnati for parents wanting their kids to embrace the Latino roots and learn about the region’s beautiful folkloric dances.

Baila Dance Academy provides young kids with an important Latino education. Baila Dance Academy was created as a need of parents that found themselves raising children of a Latino heritage in the US. While the children are fully immersed in the American culture and language, the instructors at Baila Dance Academy want them to learn about hispanic traditions and feel proud of them as well.

Through a variety of classes, toddlers, kids and adults will enjoy the vivid colors and rhythms of Mexican folkloric dancing. (And it’s not just for Hispanic children — anyone interested in Latin American culture can take classes!) A full schedule can be found on the website.

Cincinnati Baila Dance Academy is located at 11124 Luschek Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242. Visit their website or email [email protected] for more information.

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