Beyond Toys

I stumbled across this image this week on Facebook (reposted from Q102) and thought it was brilliant and had to reshare!

We’ve all heard the line about how a toddler is often more interested in the gift box than the gift inside. Well, this image confirms that keeping a child engaged and entertained does not mean having to run out for a new, shiny toy.

Check out how this clever dad occupied his child by creating a giant board of tactile, mechanical parts and pieces. It’s a brilliant idea made up of everyday objects that we adults hardly think about but to a young child is pretty interesting! Objects include: a toilet paper holder, combination lock, door lock and chain, lights, a calculator, wheels, hinges, old phone, magnetic letters, pill organizer and carabiners. Of course safety must be kept in mind when considering what pieces can be used, such as nothing that can be broken off and become a choking hazard. And close supervision is always recommended.

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