Birthday Traditions

We have a birthday in our house this week so it’s a good time to share this idea from Design Mom:

“To celebrate Ben’s 40th Birthday, we used a roll of paper to make a scroll listing 40 of the fantastic things Ben has done in his life — memorable things like walking the Brooklyn Bridge, and life-changing things like raising six kids — and then hung the scroll from the ceiling over our bed so he would see it as soon as he woke. The list was so long that it tumbled down, rolled off the bed and pooled on the floor! When he woke up, we brought him breakfast in bed and took turns reading from the list — and even adding more items at the bottom.”

What a fantastic way to start the day!

Here are some other fun ways to make a memorable day:

– Make a giant number out of balloons or flowers.

– Create a poster of past year milestones.

– Create a pathway of petals out the door to ensure a beautiful start to the day.

– Fill a room with balloons.

– Create a number photo collage.

– Place a flower bouquet by the bed.

– Create door decor: use banners, streamers, beads or toilet paper.

– Secretly stuff balloons in a door frame; when the birthday boy or girl opens the door to a new day, they’ll run into a big surprise!

– Set the table in a special way. Use a birthday plate or tie flowers or a bow onto the birthday chair.

– Decorate a t-shirt.

– Serve a pancake breakfast.

– Plan a special meal out, adventurous activity or a picnic if weather permits.

– Have a scavenger hunt for gifts, inside or out.

– Hide notes heart cutouts all over the house.

– Host an annual interview with a journal entry in the birthday book and video.

– Take a photo in front of a large birthday graphic.

– Collect photos from the past year and load onto an ipad or into a photo album.

– Create a framed top ten list.

– Reveal a special event planned for the future.

– Ready to celebrate all month? Create a calendar countdown leading up the the birthday or big event.

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