Bishop Leibold’s Award-Winning STEM Program

At Bishop Leibold School, we are serious about Science and Math Instruction, but we are also serious about making it engaging, exciting and fun!

One doesn’t need to look hard to see the results of our focus on academic excellence. Bishop Leibold is a U.S Department of Education National Blue Ribbon of Excellence and a recipient of twelve Ohio Governor’s Awards for Excellence in STEM Education.

“The recognition that Bishop Leibold School receives from the Ohio Academy of Science-twelve years in a row now never gets old! We take our programs seriously!” says Dr. Wallace, Principal at Bishop Leibold School.

STEM is the focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The STEM mission provides students with engaging lessons, designed to promote inquiry, critical thinking, and problem solving. STEM is weaved throughout so much of our instruction starting in preschool and all Bishop Leibold Students in grades K-8 have a weekly STEM session. Our students learn in a constructive way that failure is the beginning of the next step!

“Each STEM class allows students to work together to solve ‘real-world’ problems and find solutions by sometimes having to think outside the box.  It’s so amazing to see the creative solutions that students can achieve!” says Jill Klimaski, 3rd Grade STEM teacher.

Formal STEM instruction is supplemented by amazing co-curricular and extra-curricular clubs and events.   Our students are involved in clubs like Green Team and STEMpm and participate in ScienceFEST, where older students present and model their science fair projects to they younger students and community at large.

Bishop Leibold’s focused STEM instruction equips our graduates with the tools they need think creatively and become future problem solvers.

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