Bloom and Grow this winter at Krohn Conservatory

Winter has settled here in Cincinnati, and it’s cold and cloudy and, frankly, miserable. But if you’re craving sunshine and spring, you don’t have to wait.

Bloom and Grow at Krohn Conservatory is like walking into a secret garden full of vibrant color and life. From now through March 8, you’ll feel like spring has sprung inside Krohn Conservatory.

Bloom and Grow features daffodils and tulips (my favorite!) in every hue, making Krohn’s exhibition room vibrant and inviting and colorful. If you look forward to Zoo Blooms every year, you’ll be especially excited about this show.

Bloom and Grow at Krohn Conservatory is an exuberant celebration of life and nature, and this show is unique in that it’s geared especially towards kids.

There are activity stations and an art corner where kids can create nature-inspired art.

There’s a collage wall where kids can color away, and a reading nook where kids can cozy up and get lost in their imaginations.

And every Wednesday from 11 am to noon, there’s a children’s story time and guided craft.

Most notably, however, is the hiking path, complete with tree-trunk stepping stepping stones and baskets full of leaves, twigs and pinecones.

I don’t know about your kids, but mine are always coming inside with pockets full of outdoor finds. It’s winter, though, and our nature walks are few and far between.

Having this indoor space full of the nature’s best treasures, just for kids to experience, is wonderful.

One of my very favorite poems is e. e. cummings’s [In Just-], a life affirming ode to spring, when the world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful. In Bloom and Grow, Krohn Conservatory has brought this poem to life in the most divine and delightful way.

As the gray days of winter drag on, know that spring awaits inside the domed walls of Krohn Conservatory.

Bloom and Grow at Krohn Conservatory runs Tuesdays through Sundays until March 8. Admission is $7/adults, $5/kids 5-17 and free for kids 4 and under. For a directory of activities, check out the Bloom and Grow brochure here.

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