Celebrate National Ice Cream Day in Cincy

While Cincinnati may be known for chili spaghetti, flying pigs and bengal tigers — we think the Queen City’s coolest claim to fame is ice cream. In honor of Sunday’s National Ice Cream Day, we wanted to share the scoop on where to score the best ice cream, whippy dip, soft serve and ‘shakes in the tristate. Here’s a short and sweet roundup of recent frozen treat features, so your family can celebrate National Ice Cream Day in Cincy:

Best Ice Cream Spots in Cincy
This roundup features Cincy celebs such as Graeter’s and UDF, plus newer players like Hello Honey and Scrumbles.

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month at Aglamesis
Three words: French Quarter Bonanza. Take your family to Aglamesis for this 8-scoop, multi-topping masterpiece! Now THAT’S a sundae.

Cincinnati Ice Cream Scavenger Hunt
July may be halfway over, but that just means you’ll have to pencil in some extra ice cream desserts/lunches/breakfasts over the next two weeks. You don’t have to ask us twice.

Yelp Cincy’s Creamy Whip Bucket List
We must confess: we didn’t know what creamy whip was until Yelp. And now we can’t get that airy, whipped, light, cool and, yes, creamy, confection out of our minds!

june 17 Collage

So whether you’re a die-hard Graeter’s guru, whippy dip diva or sorbet savorer, celebrate National Ice Cream Day at one of these local frozen dessert spots! Just pace yourself — brain freeze is no joke!

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