Child Safety goes far Beyond the Cap

“Once upon a time,” every good story begins that way, right? Well in this case it is not a good story. It is the story of Rx (Prescription) Drug misusage that leads to abuse. Once upon a time, the quantity of prescriptions written per person was much less and our society considered taking a prescription a very serious matter. For some this attitude still exists, but for many we take for granted the very nature of how an Rx (prescription) is to be treated. They are not simply an amber bottle with an insurance benefit. The very nature of their purpose is challenged in the eyes of our children (and future adults) by a number of things.

Let us start with the path of where they came. These items were issued by a doctor under their care. They came with a safety cap to avoid poisoning. They are not over the counter options. They are given the term Rx to be associated with medical care. The Latin origin for the abbreviation is said in part to mean Recipe. This “recipe” is from well-trained guidance, a partnership with the pharmacist, and no lack of schooling between them.

When “Mommy has a bad headache”, it is easy to reach for something stronger, perhaps from a left over injury. Isn’t this a message to our children that those Rx bottles are a magic cure all? In truth, the pill may have helped momentarily; but as our children grow and see our attitude, it shapes theirs. This is not a long-term risk worth taking.

If you have young children, it is critical to speak to them about why a prescription is a serious matter. Prescriptions are not bad. Our attitudes can make them cause bad outcomes.

There is a misperception that Rx drugs are not as risky. Kids are overwhelmed with messaging that life should be entertaining at every moment and look to parents to teach them otherwise. Helping your child learn to cope without abusing Rx drugs starts with the behavior you model and the conversations you take the time to have before it becomes their own “bitter pill” of bad habits. Learn more about keeping your family members safe—

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