Children’s Enrichment Providers Alliance

Pandemic-friendly fun with an educational twist

Need something for the kids to do? Children’s Enrichment Providers Alliance (CEPA) provides a one-stop opportunity for fun while learning. Five local companies offer everything from learning Spanish to hand-building with clay.

Normally offering their classes at area schools, all of these companies pivoted to virtual or outside venues to ensure continuity of their services during the pandemic. They are still offering their fun, hands-on, active classes–only now they’re via Zoom, or in a park instead!

  1. World of Spanish the secret to getting kids to absorb a second language is to disguise learning as playtime! Our approach isn’t about rote memorization; instead we bring children to a space where culture and language intersect, providing context through food, holidays and music.  
  2. Enriching Kidz teaches tweens (ages 9-12) life skills and the responsibilities needed for staying home (Kidz Home Alone) and while babysitting, (Better Baby Sitters).  In an interactive and hands on approach, Klebanow Marks and her team also help tween girls learn how to be more empowered (Empowering Girls with Confidence). Another class offered teaches tweens how to problem solve and make good decisions. Kids love the puzzles and quirky problems they need to solve, while having a blast coming up with solutions (Brain Teasers, Puzzles and Planning).
  3. Mrs. Ann from Star Glazers helps children create clay masterpieces. Her step-by-step approach ensures that everyone is successful in turning a lump of clay into a life-long treasure. 
  4. Love animals? Cool Critters Outreach is the choice for you! Mr. Brian shows you lots of animals and helps you understand the habits and care of critters with an emphasis on conservationism. 
  5. QSA is the place for learning Quickness, Speed and Agility. Want to get better at sports and fitness?  Mrs. Nicki focuses on efficiency of technique to increase coordination.
Check out all of the class offerings at CEPA’s Facebook page:  And, be on the lookout for a comprehensive summer camp with programs from all five companies! 


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