Cincinnati Children’s October Ages & Stages

Cincinnati Children’s October Ages & Stages on October 20th will focus on The Dark Web: what is it, why it’s growing in popularity and why parents need to be on alert

While most of us might believe that the internet stops at the last pages of Google’s search results, the rest of the internet – known as the ‘Dark Web’ or ‘Deep web’ – is around 400 to 550 times larger than the public internet and it can be a dangerous place.

More and more kids are asking about it and looking for ways to explore it. It’s important that parents take charge and set boundaries. You should always know where and when technology is being used.

Most importantly, you need to be ready and able to communicate openly with the children about these kinds of technologies and educate the child on their inherent dangers.

Join us for Cincinnati Children’s Ages & Stages workshop on Saturday, October 20th , from 9am-10:30am at the Liberty Campus, 7777 Yankee Road, Liberty Township 45044. Hear from renowned social media expert Stephen Smith about the best ways to educate and protect kids on the internet.

Child Care and breakfast are provided. A $25 gift card for Liberty Center will be raffled off for those who register in advance. Click here to register.

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